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  1. Sorry I missed your post Stephan. Was away part of last week. Glad to hear you got to finish Tora! Tora! Tora! Watched it many times. I just recently checked out the 2-disc special edition from the library. I'm a bit of history film nerd and enjoyed listening to the optional commentary by director Richard Fleischer & Japanese film historian Stuart Galbraith IV.

    Most of the films have been loading fairly well lately. All but one that is:

    Merrily We Live ( 1938)

    I also noticed the overview:

    and film info:

    databases are empty.


  2. 6 hours ago, Stephan55 said:

    When it does work well,
     it is really quite swell.
    But then it frequently will fail,
     and that gives us all travail.

    The bard of the boards. Hear, hear Stephen!

    Thanks to who ever scans these boards, be it moderator, techie or poltergeist.

    All the films I've wanted to see now work save one. The Duke has been shortchanged:
    "Somewhere in Sonora 1933"
    still remains in loading limbo. Darn! Was looking forward to the stagecoach mishap.

    On the plus side, got to watch "The Third Man 1949" and they added "Fantastic Voyage 1966" to the queue (they had not placed it in rotation when it finished airing).

    As an aside... I was scanning other messages and someone mentioned they had luck getting a response using TCM Twitter or Facebook. I wish I saved the link to post here but can't seem to locate it again. I don't use either, so I post here to the forum. Those that have those social media connections might have luck trying them.




    18 hours ago, slim pickins said:

    After that they all load up to the latest film "Heart Is a Lonely Hunter". 

    Wouldn't you know it? I brought back the Classic Film Demon. All of the films to date after "Heart Is a Lonely Hunter" won't load for me.

    So the running list so far is:


    Singin' In The Rain 1952
    Star is Born, A 1937
    What Price Hollywood 1932
    Somewhere in Sonora 1933

    and now as of 2pm PT Feb 2

    Suspicion 1941
    Panic in the Streets 1950
    The Third Man 1949
    Night Must Fall 1937
    Taxi Driver 1976
    Sunrise 1927


    Don't expect much to happen. Just thought I'd throw the list out there for the record.

    Was looking forward to "The Third Man 1949". Even checked the local library just now to see if they had a DVD copy. Someone stole it (missing from the stacks). Alas, not to be!

    Been my experience that once the movies are in the 7 day queue and they don't load, too bad. They sit there like lonely orphans never to be watched. Hoping that maybe on their next scheduled viewing the techies load them into the queue correctly.

    I'm gonna have to hijack the TV and watch films live if I can wrestle the remote away. (Hmmm... maybe not. Since I don't pay the cable bill I remain second banana).


  4. On 1/12/2019 at 9:09 PM, Stephan55 said:

    TCM behaving badly

    LOL. Thanks for your replies Stephan55. Well thought out and courteous.

    Anyone notice the forum was down last night?

    Was going to mention a glitch on a film I tried watching January 28th. It was "Wait Until Dark 1967". (Primarily for Audrey Hepburn). It only streamed the first 37 minutes. It has since been taken down. It was between "The Harvey Girls 1946" and "Prisoner of Second Avenue 1974" on the menu.

    I was also going to mention that things seem to be going well on Watch TCM for a few weeks but those sentiments must have angered the Classic Film Demons. The following films aren't loading on my end:

    Star is Born, A 1937
    What Price Hollywood 1932
    Somewhere in Sonora 1933
    Woman's Secret, A 1949
    Black Swan, The 1942
    Quiet Man, The 1952

    Could it be the recent showing of "Poltergeist 1982" is behind this?

    On the plus side "2001: A Space Odyssey" streamed for me (whereas last month it didn't).

    Reminds me of "The Outer Limits":

    There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume.


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  5. The following films are not loading for me:

    Morning Glory 1933
    Hollywood My Hometown 1965
    Dr. Mabuse the Gambler 1922
    Goodbye, Miss Turlock 1947

    The first two show a counter-clockwise arrow (not buffering circle) and won't load.
    The second two won't load at all.

    Anyone out in TCM-land experiencing similar issues?

    Using a laptop, Windows 10 and DISH subscriber.


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  6. On 12/16/2018 at 3:07 PM, andyg0404 said:

    I'd like to hear from other members if they are experiencing any of these problems. I find it hard to believe it would be just the two us.

    Andy, I had the same issue you posted last Sunday. Signed up as new user to respond but had to wait for validation so have not checked back til now.

    The issue you posted about cleared up the next day. I figure they were out for the weekend and fixed it when they got in.

    Not completely though. There is one show that still won't load:

    Elvis: That's The Way It Is
    1970. 1h 48m. Documentary

    It is soon to go out of rotation so looks like I'll miss out. Does any one else have a problem with this show loading?

    I noticed the same thing on "2001: A Space Odyssey" last month. I get the impression that TCM is hard to get through to so I have not bothered to contact them. Have you had luck with any response?

    Looks like new shows are slow to update. No new ones have been added since "Cover-Up" from early Monday morning.

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