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  1. Whew. Thank goodness. If any moderator heard the initial and later complaints of the site not being updated for about a week and reported it to TCM proper, I thank them for that. We love our movies and also the added convenience of being able to utilize "on demand" or streaming at will.
  2. Watch TCM is FINALLY back up with new titles Dec 21 2018!
  3. I appreciate the input, Stephan55. It certainly can be frustrating! But WATCH TCM website is apparently back up tonight (Dec 21, 2018) and has added the titles it should have added after they aired - so perhaps someone who moderates this site had some influence on TPTB over at TCM proper. It's a shame FilmStruck tanked! It had a decent membership. Honestly, I don't see how this "one from column A and one from column B" approach to web streaming will last. We can't subscribe to everything that is now going to "subscription" - who on earth could afford to do that?! Best a person can do is pick o
  4. Finally - Watch TCM is back up and current with titles that should have been added after they were aired!
  5. YES! Thank you to whomever moderated the thread and saw the complaints (before mine, and then mine and others). The Watch TCM website is now refreshed with the titles that should have been uploaded after they were aired. Thanks to the originator of the thread who called this out first.
  6. FilmStruck ended service in November. At the Watch TCM website, there have been no new titles uploaded lately and the last film uploaded was "Cover Up" which is set to expire on December 25. I can watch the live on air feed from both coasts just fine, but the film inventory is now static - nothing new is being uploaded. In fact, they have a color graphic of "Woman of the Year," but when I click on it, there is no "play" button. This is occurring in both Chrome and Firefox, so I don't think it's my computer. Is this the end of the Watch TCM website? Is it because FilmStruck tanked?
  7. As of December 21, 2018, no new titles have been added to the website "Watch TCM" either. I started to notice this a few days ago - maybe even a week ago. I can watch the live feed of on-air films just fine on my desktop computer. But for the current film inventory at the site, there have been no changes/new uploads. The last film uploaded to the site was "Cover Up" and it expires on December 25. They have the color splash screen graphics up for "Woman of the Year." But when I go to it, there is NO play button! I checked all the color graphic links touting "current" films for the site, an
  8. What is going on with the Watch TCM website? No films have been added in awhile and when I click on the splash screen, for example, "Woman of the Year" graphic - there is no "Play" button to be seen. I can view "live" on air broadcasts from both coasts just fine. But when I go to select a film to watch from the inventory, all I see are the same ones that have been up there for at least a week - nothing has been added (not even "Woman of the Year" contrary to their splash screen graphic!). What is going on? This is in both Chrome and Firefox on a desktop computer. Are they going to discontinue
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