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  1. It bewilders me to understand what the mid-century obsession was with the ongoing “man bites dog”, “dog bites man”, and also the, “thats no lady… ______”, repetitions. And there’s also the ever-ready screaming cat that is tossed into frame in the dark alley or dark warehouse scene right on cue.
  2. If thats not enough suckiness… tcm schedule doesn’t even warn you when a movie will not be part of the stream. Meaning you miss out forever.* *assuming you have cable and tcm, and just weren’t home to watch one of those blocked from streaming. And have no dvr. Cuz there’s no watchtcm nor ondemand of it either.
  3. Once tried sling tv orange package it was $24/mo. Don’t think its the same now. Neither do they seem have tcm as a channel in the list. But my real point is, it allowed access also to watch tcm. BUT BOTH the stream was the same watch tcm stream (east coast) and so not every movie played because stupid tcm blocks many movies from the stream!!!! My biggest peeve with them. And also they never warn us in listing of movies if it’s not one that will be streamed. Common courtesy here. They lack it severely. So you must have a regular broadcast service to see all. And must be watching when certain on
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