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  1. Yay, mine too. Having a Cary Grant festival now to catch up One thing I learned is how hard it is to contact anyone at TCM or Sling though - thats not fixed.
  2. Roks, the online Sling chat also gave me that sling.com address and it bounced back to me too. I tried slingtv.com and I haven't seen it come back yet but I intend to find some place to give Sling feedback. As for TCM I found a comment option on their help page and used it. But I saw some place that TCM does not always - maybe rarely - responds to that feedback/comment interface. These companies make it so hard to give feedback you'd almost think they didn't want to hear it ....
  3. Joining the "me too" chorus on this sudden development. I contacted Sling customer chat last night and the rep claimed this is TCM's decision to pull off virtually all the on demand content. I pay for that extra Sling package solely for TCM :( and my schedule causes me to miss live programming a lot so this is really crushing. I will try emailing TCM for the reasoning behind this. I"m wondering if TCM is trying to drive us to another provider where they make more money ? Or - wild guess here - is TCM gearing up an app/channel of their own that they will ask us to subscribe to, lik
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