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  1. I would have to say Little Caesar because EGR really just mesmerizes me with his performance and I always watch when it's on. I love the whole feel of the film...the age of it, the bare bones production. Public Enemy also holds a similar fascination. Scarface...wow. It doesn't air often enough. Seriously, I cannot rank the three as they are each such masterpieces and the 3 actors exhibit their talents to the hilt.
  2. Which Kael book would you say is her best? Would be interested in reading her stuff. Thanks.
  3. I find it interesting that when I see shots like these of Mary in the 60's it's notable that the fashion could easily be stylish these days while fashion from the 70's is just so dated.
  4. I love how Doc Severinson and the band would play this during Don's entrance. Don used to look towards the band and sort of revel in it. So funny. The doc about him is wonderful. I would like to see the Diller one along with the Joan Rivers one from a few years ago.
  5. I only just started to read your thread from the beginning and I really like it. I am not a big Bond fan and Moore isn't a favorite but I am guessing you may persuade me to change my mind by the time I am done reading the reviews. Thanks for writing these. BTW, I agree with your love for Ann Sothern as you noted in one of the earliest reviews.
  6. I like just about all of these folks. The Ameche choice seems odd as I see him as a star. I am a big fan of his. So many of them are favorites and I enjoy Edgar Buchanan, Roland Young, Jack Carson, Arden and Ritter. I really love Joseph Calleia, Charles Ruggles, Aline McMahon, Ned Sparks, Allen Jenkins. Also, would Paul Douglas be considered a character actor? I think he was great!
  7. Re folks like Johns and deHavilland, the right questions need to be asked. What new inquiries can be asked about GWTW? Kirk Douglas...what can you ask him that has never been asked re his movies or his relationships with movers and shakers of Hollywood? Eddie Mueller would have to be the new RO re noir films, maybe Alec Baldwin can bring insight? We still have Jane Powell, Margaret O'Brian, Dean Stockwell, Anthony Hopkins can still answer with regards to folks like Peter O'Toole, Kate Hepburn. There is still a lot to be mined from those who lived the show biz life. Angela Lansbury,
  8. I remember David on Bonanza as well as also seeing Barry Williams on it. The studio system was alive and well in television back then. Many actors were under contract to the studios and appeared in all the dramas & sitcoms of the day. I watched so much tv in the 70's and kept seeing all the same faces on Mod Squad or Marcus Welby, etc that it was how I got acquainted with many of the names & faces. Jack was known to have quite the massive ego and I guess he must have wondered why a talented guy like himself didn't have a more illustrious career. But I always liked him and his 100
  9. Lower right hand side of Ferris Bueller cast is Jennifer Aniston. The other girl in white, same row, is Ami Dolenz, Mickey's kid.
  10. Watched the interview and the film and was impressed. My late aunt looked very much like Loren so I have an affinity. I loved how her english was faulty at times. Her command is extremely good but at times she had to ask Eduardo how to say something. Such a human thing to do. Her gene pool is exquisite because both her mother and sister were just beautiful in a rather unconventional way. Sophia made a comment that her father didn't think the sister was pretty but he must have been blind, I actually remember when she had her first son because it was rather well known that she had misc
  11. I love this show. Sidney Fields is really such an unsung comedy genius. Love how he shows up as so many different characters. And his interactions with Lou are so funny. I have the dvd collection. A show about nothing, much like Seinfeld who is a huge fan of the show. Costanza is Louis.
  12. My mom was born in Puerto Rico in 1929 and as a child/young teen in addition to getting American films(which came to the island probably more than a year after initial release) she also got to see lots of Mexican films. Mexico arguably had almost as big an audience for their films as the US. Mariachi singers like Jorge Negrete were big stars as were folks like Maria Felix, Pedro Infante and of course, Cantinflas. Pedro Amendariz was an immensely popular actor and a fine one as well. Mexican entertainment was exported to the spanish speaking Caribbean as well as South America so their
  13. LG Jr's pick of Lifeboat is great. That film always leaves me enthralled and Canada Lee is just so wonderful in it. I hate that cliche of the humble "dignified" black man but he did a great job. I also love Walter Slezak's performance and I really feel he was a bit underrated. The entire cast is so good. Yes, jakeem. I'd love to see films with black actors that aren't specifically "black films". I'd like a film where a black actor has a pivotal role in an otherwise standard Hollywood film like "Sergeant Rutledge" with Woody Strode's fine performance. And really, I can't remem
  14. Agree with you, Frazier. May I also say that Jean Simmons was often called The Rich Man's Liz Taylor.
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