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  1. I would have to say Little Caesar because EGR really just mesmerizes me with his performance and I always watch when it's on. I love the whole feel of the film...the age of it, the bare bones production. Public Enemy also holds a similar fascination. Scarface...wow. It doesn't air often enough. Seriously, I cannot rank the three as they are each such masterpieces and the 3 actors exhibit their talents to the hilt.
  2. I only just started to read your thread from the beginning and I really like it. I am not a big Bond fan and Moore isn't a favorite but I am guessing you may persuade me to change my mind by the time I am done reading the reviews. Thanks for writing these. BTW, I agree with your love for Ann Sothern as you noted in one of the earliest reviews.
  3. Jack Wild in Oliver! He was short in stature so he may have been older than he looked in it. StBarts, I think you may have been the first to mention Brandon de Wilde and you beat me to the punch.
  4. Patriotism. That window scene with the "mannequin" was a not so subtle way of promoting the War Bonds (Ward Bonds? lol) to the masses. I am always bothered by Ullysses. He just seemed so much more naive than a 5 year old might actually be. "What's afraid?" What's scared?" Seriously? And yes, primos, Hickman's character not being able to read is quite bizarre. Clearly his sister could read so one would assume that he did go to school. And was there no kindergarten in the 1940's? Ullysses should know what scared is. Or am I wrong? BTW didn't Jackie Jenkins (Ullysses) pass away this last ye
  5. Wow! These 3 were the guys that drew me in to classic films. To me they are all wonderful. While I've always been a Bogart kind of girl, in the last few years I've figured out that Cagney and Eddie G were the best of their time..or any time. I think Bogart was a more subtle actor and the other two are just plain in your face, especially in their gangster roles. They could do absolutely anything at all. They told the truth, as Cagney used to say. Little Caesar remains my most favorite of the many gangster roles played by any actor ever. Rico is such a complicated man and Eddie G just gets i
  6. Always loved him. I'm 47 and started watching him as a teen. What a fascinating actor! I used to batlle with myself as to who was my favorite actor from the classic era. Bogie? Cagney? Gable? Recently I've narrowed it down to Eddie G and Cagney. But Cagney has to be the tops. I recently bought the DVD of "The Public Enemy". Of course I had seen it before but it had been years. He punches his way into Hollywood lore with this film. He is nothing short of mesmerizing! He always said that acting was about looking the camera or the actor in the eye and telling the truth. Tom Powers is indeed th
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