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  1. hehe, you like your men "manly"?? believe me, i know a LOT of "manly" gay men. to answer the question-- i probably have a few performance that come to mind but i'd assume one of my faves by a gay actor is one i've seen and didn't know he even was gay.
  2. all about eve is an amazing film. concerning the oscar debate... 3 amazing performances given and though i am a huge fan of miss davis (have 100 of her 101 films, all but "seed") i have to say miss holiday definately deserved to win. a very close second to miss davis.
  3. wow, after reading your post i put on a big smile. love the classics but this is one of my "modern" films on my top ten list. glad to see this thread!! i am sure you know it is not available yet on dvd and i've been a scavenger on ebay looking and have seen a few foreign copies for sale but will wait for north american release. any more fans of this film out there?
  4. well, upon reading your question i'd have to go with the first thought popping into my head. i love classic films but the first film coming to mind for me was "in the bedroom". when sissy spacek slaps marisa tomei i literally did a doubletake. it was so unexpected and yet powerful and while in that emotional moment in the film very appropriate.
  5. yes!! gene tierney is the most beautiful woman ever to grace the screen. at times i am so taken by her beauty i fade out and lose track of the dialogue and what is even going on.
  6. Bette Davis Jennifer Jones Gene Tierney
  7. hmmm i would have to bring along the film "the song of bernadette" a film not mentioned much in these threads but it is such an amazing film and jennifer jones (deservedly winning best actress oscar) gives the most realistic and heartfelt performance.
  8. ANY year that a bette davis movie was released...
  9. it is hard to pick an overall favorite accordingly and i sort of categorize my faves for each decade of her amazing career. off the top of my head i'll pick "the old maid", "now, voyager", "all about eve" and later in her career "strangers, the story of a mother and daughter"
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