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  1. In my quest to see ALL films ever nominated for a domestic competitive Oscar (foreign films, docs and shorts are not included at this point). I run across a number of films that I can't find. Early movies are understandable, and some are not available because they weren't big to begin with. Today I'm working on the three below -- Been thru the usual places (amazon, ebay, vudu, you tube and a host of others) and i'm starting to run out of places to look that I know of. (or maybe i'm not asking the right question on google). Anyway here they are... 1) Gaily, Gaily (UA - 1969) Beau Bri
  2. When an entity chooses to re-design, it is generally to make an aspect of their design better than it has been. Unfortunately, I can't find one thing that is better in this new design than the old design. There is less content than there used to be. There are fewer avenues to drill down into. User reviews are gone. You can only see 30 days out at the most. In short there is nothing that is good about this design. If your webmaster is too lazy to do his job, or this is the best he can do, or if you don't want to pay him any money - let some people know. You charge $87/year for watching
  3. Dang - I can find something to like about just any movie; but if I had to throw out something, it would be 2001. I remember seeing it the first time on a summer day at the Warner Cinerama theatre in Hollywood with my uncle. He wanted to see the flick so bad and my Aunt wasn't interested so he asked me. I was like 10 years old and was so excited to be on the outing with him - he was a really great guy. We sat thru the first half and at intermission, we talked about it and we were both excited to be watching it. Then the movie was over and we left with the other 2000 people and we walked ba
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