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  1. I haven't read that, but believe you Lawrence. I think Criterion will be once bitten, twice shy with TCM. Hard to trust the wishy-washy world of AT&T.
  2. With Disney+, watching goodies on TCM is likely to diminish.
  3. A Heavy Smoker: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/6440535/michael-rennie This is a very good read about Michael Rennie. He did not fight a good fight in Batman.
  4. Does that mean Julia Roberts would end up on the $20 bill?
  5. Not sure if this will happen. AT&T/WarnerMedia is planning HBO Max next Spring. I don't think it will make TCM fans happy.
  6. Have you watched Michael Rennie in Lost In Space or Batman? You're the best, but I do miss CaveGirl and Sarge Markoff. Haven't seen any Michael Rennie movies. For me, he is a TV star.
  7. So "Liberty Valance" is a TCM programmer's favorite, right? I'm thinking a theme called "Weekend Westerns." Um ... During the day.
  8. No. Dudley Moore narrates it. He does talk for Milo and Otis and sings. I don't cry, just save up a big snort. My allergies do kick up really bad. I must say animal movies seem harder than people. With animals, I forget it's a movie. Eight Below is very good. I rented it new on DVD. I'm sure it is beautiful in HD. It does get sad, but since speedracer5 and NickAndNora34 don't cry at movies, it may be okay.
  9. Maybe the post will be read while mine is being deleted.
  10. I commented here but once again, I've been deleted. Someone is watching my every move.
  11. Down here in California, what's yours is yours and what's his is yours. That may apply to other situations.
  12. I've read Netflix has more choices and classics on DVD. I must say, my TV viewing budget is smaller than yours. I would drop TCM to add Amazon. The Prime extras don't matter to me. I do seem to recall Prime Video can be purchased as a standalone.
  13. I'm a brave fool. I can get Amazon Prime for a discount because of my Medi-Cal status. It will stream using my cable box. Roku and Fire TV are annoying. I could stream Netflix with my cable box too, but the DVD service would probably be better.
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