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  1. Who can I contact to Join. I'm in Franklin and want to join please
  2. Great Cathi! Thanks. We need to turn in our info so we can start a chapter.
  3. The site says that this is what we need to do: We give them the name and location of our Chapter Names of members and email addresses a Volunteer to be the President of chapter Nearest movie theater
  4. Looks like we have our 5! Everyone please respond so we can get started.
  5. I say we plan as though we have enough and keep asking and then hopefully we'll get our 5th person. There has to be someone out there who would like to do this with us.
  6. Great! Here's hoping we can get our 5 to start a chapter. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. I posted about a month ago on this thread asking if the posters are still interested .....only response came from the PHNbear...... I'll post on social media and see if I get anyone.
  8. I'm still interested! I'm in Franklin. Surely we can find enough people to start a chapter
  9. Ok, well there seems to be enough interest. If we can just get the others to answer or reply maybe this can be done.
  10. Hi there RosaSharn...... Let's see if we can get a Middle TN chapter going.....I"m in Franklin.
  11. Hello,

         Wondering if anyone is still interested in starting a chapter.

  12. Hello FilmAvocate..... I would love to start/be a member of a Backlot chapter here in middle TN. I live in Franklin. Are you guys still interested?
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