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  1. I think Marilyn and Vivian Leigh were both more beautiful. However, I do think Hedy is more beautiful than Elizabeth Taylor.
  2. Ha ha that is weird. Maybe people whose last names are Ford are more prone to pointing or something...
  3. LOL if they are watching Pocketful of Miracles they would get quite drunk. If you then also add in the co-stars pointing I feel like they would get annihilated! But not a bad idea for a drinking game!
  4. I figure if I'm bothered by it then I want everyone to be as well. 🤣🤣 Well, maybe he tones down the pointing in other performances. Reminding me of facial features, I one time became distracted with Gregory Peck's one eyebrow. It seems to be different than the other one. Now I see that in every movie. Ha ha. Cary Grant's chin dimple is very noticeable for sure!
  5. While watching Pocketful of Miracles I noticed Glenn Ford is always pointing. I mean constantly. Now when I see him in movies, that's all I can see. I've honestly only seen him in three movies. I have to go back and rewatch Gilda now to see if he points constantly in that movie as well. Anyone else notice this? It's like something I can't unsee. Similar to when someone once told me that when they watch basketball all they can hear are the shoes squeaking. Now I can't watch basketball. You're welcome.
  6. I guess I should add that I think the bigger issue is that some of the actors they had play Asians at least had some facial features that could pull of the Asian look (face shape, nose shape, etc). Alec Guinness does not. Perhaps that's where the issue is.
  7. Yes, I do realize that. However, I saw recently The Bitter Tea of General Yen and thought Nils Asther did a good job of playing the role of an Asian male. The makeup was still a little irritating to me but I found him much more believable. I thought Alec Guinness was just horribly miscast in A Majority of One.
  8. The only thing that bothered me in Lawrence of Arabia was the way he speaks. I still can hear that British accent which seems out of place when playing an Arab. However, his acting was awesome and the makeup and costume helped him to look Arabic. To contrast, I thought Anthony Quinn was almost completely believable as an Arab in that movie.
  9. It's interesting that this topic came up because just the other day I was watching TCM and the movie A Majority of One was on and I was so horrified by Alec Guinness portraying a Japanese man that I had to turn it off. Really, really bad. Not Alec Guinness' fault, I'm sure he did his best but just watching him look like he was squinting (probably bad eye makeup) and that stereotypical accent - ugh, I couldn't watch!
  10. Sadly, Monty would never have taken a role like that, though. That's what's unfortunate about his career is that he could have done many wonderful movies but was insanely picky with scripts. At least prior to his accident. After his accident, he was kind of forced by finances to take anything.
  11. I mean, honestly, I though Eli Wallach was great in that role. I didn't even recognize him. I realized it was him when I saw the credits. I actually thought it was a Hispanic actor. But then again, I'm not Hispanic myself so I would think someone who is of Hispanic descent might be more sensitive to accents and such.
  12. Monty has some good movies for sure but not any in the same league as Lawrence of Arabia. From Here to Eternity was probably the best movie he was in.
  13. Is Lawrence of Arabia the best movie ever made? Your thoughts? If not, what do you think is?
  14. There is a lady who is working on forming a chapter. I don't think she will mind if I give you her email. You can let her know you are interested in being added. I'll send you a message.
  15. Oh dear I completely forgot Orson Welles. He's got to be up high on this list somewhere probably 5th.
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