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  1. When watching an episode of "The Laurel and Hardy Show" that contained a footage of the duo on a 1950s episode of "This is Your Life", Stan Laurel was talking about how he started off in show business back when he was still a teenager. During his early years on the vaudeville stage, he performed in many costumes as many characters. There was a collage of several pictures of Stan Laurel shown on the screen (edited into the portion of this program for "The L & H Show"), and one of the pictures stood out to me. It was of Stan Laurel dressed up just like Charlie Chaplin's "Little Tramp" character. He had the exact black derby hat, small dark mustache, and was holding a cane. If I hadn't known that this was a picture of Stan Laurel, I'd say it was indeed Charlie Chaplin. Has anyone ever known of Stan Laurel to have appeared on stage or else on screen (of course, only in silent films) resembling Chaplin's tramp character? I don't think I've ever seen any of Mr. Laurel's silent films back when he performed solo (that is without Ollie), but I have a feeling that there's at least one or just a few of his films when he appeared like this. The question that came to mind was - " Who played the little tramp first - Stan Laurel or Charlie Chaplin?". It was, however, very common back in the days of vaudeville for these up-and-coming comedians to show up on stage dressed as a "box car hobo" sort of character.
  2. Can anyone help me out with this? For YEARS I had always remembered this very strange, yet very funny footage I had seen only once on TV. I'm not quite sure what program it was, but I've always associated it with "America's Funniest Home Videos". Here it goes - It took place in a rather darkened living room. A dog, quite possibly a golden retriever, was lying on the carpet. Beside the dog was what appeared to be a small person. It was actually a man much taller than he appeared to be, but was creating the illusion to appear standing short. The "little" man was wearing a fedora hat, dark sunglasses, a raincoat with, quite possibly, short sleeves (to make his arms look short), and had shoes worn on his knees, as if those were really his feet. He was moving back in forth in place signing in a high-pitched voice "Watch my feet!" over and over. The canine was just staring at the man looking amused. I saw this only once, and thought it was so funny! Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  3. WOW! Thanks for all that useful information! I didn't know "CAULIFLOWER CUPIDS" had not one, but two alternate titles! Would it at all be possible to request that movie as well as "MAROC 7" for TCM to play someday? I wish I had known of this ahead of time prior to April, because then it would be possible for this movie to be shown on TCM in April for the network's "Star of the Month" salute to Jane Russell. At least I can keep my fingers crossed that "MAROC 7" would be shown if there's a possible chance Cyd Charisse can be named "Star of the Month", or else be featured for "Summer Under the Stars". Incidentally, is "MAROC 7" any good? I'm just curious to see what Cyd Charisse is like in a contemporary 1960s movie, since this is probably her only one.
  4. It's no surprise to me that this particular movie ("CAULIFLOWER CUPIDS") was not shown at all this past month saluting Jane Russell. I wasn't counting on it though, but if the movie itself isn't lost, then I would've expected it to air. Still, there is hope it will turn up someday. Just think of all the films that were once lost, and then later discovered. There were several silent films that were long-sought to be lost, and they were eventually discovered in some foreign countries. The only way to restore them into English was just by translating the dialogue titles from that foreign language into English. Just as easy as that! It would however be very tricky if it was a talkie picture only in existence of another language. Let's not forget how several scenes and dialogue titles from Fritz Lang's "METROPOLOUS" were long lost, and then found, and edited into place making the entire film complete, at last. There are still some silent films out there with missing scenes though. I remember once on "Noir Alley" this one movie was shown (for the first time on TCM, and quite possibly on television, so to speak) with Joan Leslie that was once sought to be lost forever. I don't remember the title, but it was from about 1946 or 1947, it was produced by Eagle Lion Productions, a British film studio, and the plot involved Joan Leslie playing a young woman who murdered her boyfriend right before the New Year began, and ended up reliving the entire year again from the beginning. Eddie Muller, who referred to this film as the noir version of "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE", said that this film was discovered through a private film collector who obtained a 35mm print of the film. From that print, the movie was restored through the courtesy of the Noir Preservation Film Society and the fine folks at UCLA TV and Film Archives. So maybe, just maybe, a rare print of "CAULIFLOWER CUPIDS" is out there in the form of either a 35 or 16mm print, and has yet to be found!
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