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  1. Hi Jim: At one time either I or Ken had copies of the films. Remember that in the early 80's there was no internet or CDs. What we had was VCRs and not many of the films were even on tape. We had to keep a close eye out for when these films were showing on TV and record them when we could. I got rid of most of my videotapes a few years ago and some of the movies went with them. At this point, having watched them so many times, I could probably recite most of the dialog from them. Robinson Crusoe on Mars, Donovan's Brain and several others sometimes show up on TCM. Thanks again for your in
  2. I am one of the authors of Twenty All-Time Great Science Fiction films. I just happened to come across this discussion and since the comments are relatively recent, I thought I would reply to clarify some things. "There are no Star Wars movies mentioned." At the time we wrote TATGSF, everyone was writing about Star Wars. We felt there was nothing new we could contribute to that discussion so we deliberately left it out. "It leaves out a lot of important films." As Detective Jim McLeod points out, the goal of the book was to look at 20 films we liked and do an ex
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