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  1. ...Yes, Eric J., I remember very well when I saw the ABC premiere of that Gifford unsold pilot. It reached the air after WW had returned to the classic tights in the comic books. The " Diana Rigg Wonder Woman " phrase ran 1968-1972 or There about in the DC Comics.
  2. ...Yes, I knew that, but I decided to keep my post short. You could say that my quotation marks acknowledge that and anyway her character opens her mouth and music comes out of it!
  3. Coming back to access to TCM, I notice they still have that early Saturdays " Old Time Kiddie Matinee " slot of a B western sandwiched by a couple of vintage cartoon shorts - generally a non-Tom & Jerry MGM and a Fleisher Popeye - and other shorts, one a serial chapter, accompanying the oater in-between the 'toons. As I've pointed out, they just won't set it as a designated time slot, " Saturday Morning Matinee " or whatnot. And it's been going for years now!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ...Is it perhaps seen as to early sound stiff " filmed with in unmoving camera stage play "? I like early sound's aspect that way, but.I guess it turns. **** some people. The first two films were both based on George S. Kaufman/Morrie Ryskind?? co-authored plays, I presume K-R's heirs still own their shares?? Or are they P.D. now? I recall Coconuts receiving a full revival on Broadway in the 90s starring Marx Brothers impersonators in their roles.
  5. ...So it was two TCM hostesses (heh) leading up to a big plug for WW84, neither Jenkins nor Gadot? Awwwwww. Would this promo ok have been set in stone/this far in advance, unable to change from its original date even when COVID forced the closing of movie theaters? Especially if it was just the two TCMs discussing it?
  6. ...It is funny what you see coming up!!!!!!!!!!! Was there any discussion here of, last year, the Justice Department announcing that they would no longer enforce the Paramount Consent Degree, the 1948 agreement between Justice and the (then-) right major studios (now three) that stopped them from block booking and made owning theaters difficult? THAT'S a big chunk of expositional dialogue above...but it got it across!!!!!!!!!
  7. ...A non-AIDS, non-gayness-referencing movie credit of his was the screenplay for the e l floppo " Liv Ullman Sings " 1970s remake of LOST HORIZON!
  8. ...Roddy MacDowall's character is off-handedly (I presume he was a real person?) referred to as a " pansy ". Is this the only time he played a character who was in-story stated to be gay?
  9. ...In the 70s, the rock star Alice Cooper (" School's Out ", etcetera) I believe let circulate a - false - rumor that he was the grown-up Ken Osmond!
  10. ...Practically all of the last 2 reels of GDoBW survive and are easily available. Is this prison number you refer to from it? I don't remember that. Busby Berkeley had nothing to do with GDoBW.
  11. Watching the later part of FUNNY GIRL on TCM tonight, after it ended, the TVM host was talking with a woman connected with the forthcoming WONDER WOMAN 1984. Was it the director, Patty Jenkins, of Gal Had it, playing the Amazing Amazon in the DC Comics franchise? I suppose the former. Interesting to see a modern-times movie promoted on TCM, and not one that might be seen as an " older audience-oriented " flick, but a " younger audience-oriented " " summer blockbuster" that is a super-hero film!!!!!!!!! The WW film's have gotten may be a little more " adult-friendly " promotion, with a f
  12. know that about 1929's "...Broadway " and of " 1933 " being a remake. That's easy enough to establish.
  13. ...Correcting. The THE GOLD DIGGERS Broadway play opened in 1919. Before Prohibition was imposed, IIRC!
  14. ...Thank you! There was, also, one and possibly two silent film's based upon the same Broadway play of the 1920s...GOLD DIGGERS OF BROADWAY being itself a remake.
  15. ...As far as " First World " go, I am interested by the fact that there are a number of mainstream British feature film's from as late as the 60s that are lost! I suppose they held in common not having been distributed at all, or much, in the U.S.A., even just to television in later years,which would have spread out the locations they were shown in and, most of all, simply increases the number of prints to have a chance to survive! I've read of low-budget Brit outfits that made regional " Northern " comedies that were aimed at audiences in the North of England, mote than London...an ou
  16. I am now watching the above Lloyd Bacon/Busby Berkeley film. Was it the last of the " GOLD DIGGERS " franchise? At the roughly 3/4 Mark now, it does seem like they were trying a slightly different approach, with less emphasis on the " trying to put on a Broadway show " theme and a little less emphasis on what being a " GOLD DIGGERS " actually means - reflecting the Code/Breen era and perhaps wanting to try s different approach to the concept/a little over familiar with it? The more farcical approach, if you will? Dick Powell looked weird with a " grown-up " mustache. Was the male hoofer
  17. Is anyone following the Wheeler and Woolsey marathon to-day? I am! I won't/can't watch everything, but. I'll restrain further comment till later. So I can watch it!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. ...I don't know whether you can find it now, but some years back I came on to a quite amusing hoax on the Internet - An argument that has only recently become lost, and it was readily available in the Sixties and Seventies...with mock vintage Blackhawk Films ad for a 16MM version and ad for a Seventies film society showing!!!!!!!
  19. ...Was this version ever seen in any form? DVD extra? Bootlegged?
  20. ...The OP here showed his position immediately by saying " Democrat Party " rather that " DemocratIC Party " - not to mention he/is lack of grammar!!!!!!! Referring to the DemocratIC Party as the " Democrat Party " goes back at least to Trump's old buddy, Roy Cohn. Just recently, I saw Sarah Huckabee Sanders, trying to walk back from having been revealed in the Mueller Report to have lied about all the vast number of FBI agents who contacted her to did James Comey, was on Faux News Channel saying " At least I'm not like the Democrat Party..." Is this so indelibly part of the Republican operati
  21. ...Do you think TCM will ever show 1951's YES SIR, MR. BONES then? On another level, if HOLIDAY INN'S blackface number makes it questionable for you - for " A" pictures from the same period, how do you feel about BABES ON BROADWAY and THIS IS THE ARMY?
  22. ...That reminds me of an American-produced film about Canadians that I caught a bit of on AMC in the 90s. It was a war film, a d at one point a military character said this immortal ine or similar to another: military: " Captain, no!!!!! They're just a bunch of farm kids from the fields of Saskatchewan and Alberta!!! " Really getting literal/spelling it out! I later saw that that film was a product of the pre-Peatl Harbor time so that might explain why the film so played to Our Neighbor Up North. Weren't there a number of such films made in Hollywood pre-12/7/41? " A Yank In The
  23. ...I looked it up and saw that there were 2 59s TV versions, both for Hallmark Hall of Fame, 2 years apart in 1957 and 1959 IIRC. Which one do you have? Is it B&W? That's late enough that I guess, as a " special "show, it could be in color.
  24. ...Well, I see that TCM has streched their " brand " to include cruises, and, perhaps most money-making, selling not old movies-related cooking, decorating, item s at Shop TCM - though I haven't gone there yet.
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