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  1. When I first saw the movie, I enjoyed it but didn't think it was as magical as everyone was saying. I didn't even like the soundtrack that much at first. Then I thought more about the movie and listened to the soundtrack on its own (which slowly started to grow on me), and after a while, I could not wait to own the movie on Blu-Ray. I've watched it a few more times since, and have enjoyed it the same amount each time. I still don't think it's magical (I think the green screen in the planetarium scene could have been done better, especially since the wire work is exquisite) but I appreciate the
  2. Oh, that makes sense. What a cool way to look for Easter eggs in a movie. That's so much fun!
  3. It definitely would have been nice to have an American movie based off of the original Pokemon titles here in the states. At the same time, I can't exactly complain about the movies made in Japan being imported here, either.
  4. That is definitely fair enough. It really does seem like the perfect Western, huh?
  5. Oh, yeah, classic game! I still need to play that, to be honest. xD.
  6. Yeah, it does seem like this argument has made a new resurgence since Roma, doesn't it? Can't argue with you there.
  7. You have to understand, when I first saw the trailer for Detective Pikachu, I wondered how it wasn't a Funny or Die sketch. I couldn't believe what I was watching. And to be honest, for me, the second trailer was even worse. You're right, why can't they just give us the live-action Pokemon movie based on the games or anime, or that even has a plot that seems to make any sense? I mean, maybe they can make a good adaptation of the Detective Pikachu game, but based on the trailers, it doesn't look that good.
  8. Wow, that is super cool! You're right, that shot does remind me a lot of Space Invaders.
  9. Oh, yeah, I've played the Lego Harry Potter games on the Nintendo Wii. Those are really fun.
  10. Oh, yeah, Pokemon! God, I watched that show a lot later than most, but I got through most of the first season back in middle school then stopped for some reason. I loved it, so I don't know why I stopped. I've heard guilty-pleasure-like things about Tomb Raider, and I have not had the chance to play the Lego Star Wars games. I should try to play them at some point.
  11. That is absolutely fair. I mean, there are some video game adaptations that at least got okay reception, but in terms of reception... you are absolutely right, there aren't really any good video-game-to-film adaptations out there. I honestly don't think I've seen a single one of them, so I can't comment, but based off of the reception of them, I can't really think of one that isn't any more than forgettable to most people.
  12. I honestly have not seen Madonna as an actress before, and the latest version of A Star is Born is the only one I've seen, so... I've probably got some catching up to do.
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