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  1. I give up. The person responsible for the website schedule still works for Turner and was even a guest programmer, even though that person is obviously an incompetent. The schedule pages have broken links. The time is preset to EST. You can't get the schedule for March 31 because the idiot-in-charge thinks everyone lives on the east coast of the US and that there are only 30 days in march. Oh, and April begins at 6AM on April 1, not midnight. Geez. The print link is broken. The click here for the monthly schedule link is broken. I give up, Obviously Turner no longer cares wh
  2. What forum should be used to report problems with the website? I have a long, long list of bugs, and a longer list of complaints, but I don't want to clutter up this forum if it's the wrong place.
  3. So I wanted to see what was currently playing (at about 12:05AM PST) and guess what, the daily schedule isn't available. The first entry shown is Roar of the Dragon at 6:15AM, so I guess it's not important to know what's on right now, only what's on in a few hours. May I say, the new schedule is really stupid. What good is a web site that annoys more than helps? On a side note, whoever laid out these forums maybe should have looked at how the other 90 gazillion web forums operate and made these forums at least kind of similar. I've been using internet forums for over a decade, and j
  4. When the monthly schedules come back (and they WILL come back, right?) don't forget to allow for some past history days too. I just went to see what it was I watched on the 9th and apparently there now is no way to see what the schedule was on Mar 9.
  5. Put the upcoming 3-month printable schedules back, and have them remember the time zone. The new 'upcoming month' schedule neglects to mention what month and year it's for on the schedule page. Change for change's sake isn't a step forward. As a web techie, I often referred to tcm.com as a great example of how to do a website. First impressions from the changes I see today, I won't be saying that much any more.
  6. I just registered tonight so I could send a bit PHOOEY to TCM for violating the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" rule. Pfui on eliminating timezones. Pfui on printing taking up 50% more paper. Generally Pfui on the new site. TCM musta hired one of those high-priced but know-nothing consultants to help with their redesign.
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