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  1. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED by the TCM movie lineup for this coming Labor Day (2020)! Nothing but a CONSTANT stream of stale, old rock music/hippie documentaries from the 1960s/1970s. WTH do any of those old rock music documentaries have to do with Labor Day--which is SUPPOSED to pay tribute to and honor American workers?? There are SO MANY good films about workers/labor in America that TCM could have aired instead. Here is a list of several that come to mind: Modern Times Metropolis Gold Diggers of 1933 Grapes of Wrath Of Mice and Men Goodbye Mr. Chips
  2. Now watching the legendary Olivia De Havilland in her iconic role as Melanie Wilkes in Gone with the Wind. This morning I enjoyed her in Captain Blood with Errol Flynn and In This Our Life with Bette Davis. OMG Davis's character was such a crazy B that film!! Bette and Olivia were reportedly great friends in real life. So much fun watching them go at each other like cats fighting over a scrap of fish. I'll bet they had a grand time making that flick. After GWTW, I plan to finish the evening watching Olivia in The Heiress (with Montgomery Clift), one of her Oscar-winning performan
  3. I don't bear any "ill-will" toward anyone. Nor have I prejudged anyone guilty or reached any conclusions re: the circumstances of Natalie's death. Wagner may be innocent or guilty as sin. We will never know because this investigation was IMO superficial and prematurely ended. To their credit, police did reopen it a few years ago but, again, no further follow-up (announcement of indictment or dismissal/reclosing of the case) which is unusual. Simple logic shatters the credibility of the story/defense that "She must have gotten up and alone ventured outside to try to tie a raft bangi
  4. Interesting comments! My take: The Great Race: was a satire, a PARODY of, and tribute to, the lighthearted, zany, slapstick silent movie physical comedies ("Perils of Pauline"....Chaplin...Buster Keaton films) that director Blake Edwards grew up watching and loving as a kid. Perhaps by today's cynical, "edgy" comedy standards, it seems "corny" or outdated to some but I loved it because it reminds me of being a lighthearted, innocent kid who could enjoy simple "entertainment" without a political/social sermon/message. A rarity these days. (That film is a bit too long though.) G
  5. I missed "Love With a Proper Stranger" but I did watch "Inside Daisy Clover" and "This Property is Condemned" today. Reportedly, Natalie agreed to make those lesser-known serious edgy films in an effort to buck the studio's attempts to forever limit/typecast her in "teen angst" roles and expand her repertoire. Although some of those scripts weren't the best, her dramatic range/depth was stunning, as also displayed in better-known films like "Rebel Without A Cause" and "Splendor in the Grass". She was obviously a very gifted actress who could apparently easily play anything, from d
  6. OLIVIA FANS: AUGUST 23!!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! So happy TCM decided to add Ms. D to the Summer Under the Stars viewing lineup. And her greatest performance (GWTW) is included, along with her other Oscar-winning performances (The Heiress and To Each His Own). An added bit of trivia for movie buffs. Did you know Oliva was a PASSIONATE cat fan? ๐Ÿ˜ป She had MANY cats in her life and a special fondness for Siamese. Here's a picture, taken in 1948. I love this shot because her cat's claws are prominent, extended, as if ready to pounce. Such a fitting reflection of Olivia's film im
  7. Don't bet on it, Hibi! I've seen more and more "vapid" so-called [non] "celebrities" like Harry and "MeAgain" Markle showing up on the covers, in the pages, of Closer. Closer, like every other mag, loves $$$ and tries to stay relevant to attract a younger, dumb-down crowd by featuring their "idols" on the covers....sigh...
  8. ROFL. Another example of 30-40 years of dumbed-down American "entertainment" which caters to the lowest common denominator to sell tickets, instead of aspiring to make quality films/movies/TV shows. Another reason I haven't watched TV prime time for DECADES.... and probably never will again. That and the end of REAL journalism and rise of corp. "info/opinion" in lieu of objective news.
  9. Hi James. I see your point. However, although I've never seen an "official" viewer survey, I believe that MOST TCM viewers ARE adults. And IMO most children don't have the patience to sit through a FOUR HOUR film....well, okay....perhaps Harry Potter....๐Ÿ˜‰ As a timely aside, so interesting that JK Rowling is also getting slammed by the PC "Trans" Lobby for her opinions re: biology/gender.. I completely support civil rights of ALL...but I just hate being ORDERED, TOLD, LECTURED etc. what I "HAVE TO" think, read, see, do, etc....in the name of "freedom".....That's where the PC Lobbies a
  10. I couldn't agree more! As a longtime TCM fan, I was very sad to see TCM "cave" to ridiculous PC Lobby demands to air it--but only if it includes a silly, frankly patronizing race-lecture introduction. Look TCM viewers all have brains and most of us are probably highly-educated, intelligent movie buffs. Thus, we can all be trusted to figure out--without "help" from insulting "coaching" or "explanations" (political lectures/brainwashing)--that GWTW (like most "old" classic films) is simply a reflection of the bygone era/culture in which it was made and first released, nothing more.
  11. I don't know why, but I was shocked and upset to hear of her sudden passing. I guess because it came so soon after the celebration of her birthday and extraordinary life/career. When I heard the sad news, my instant reaction: "Oh.......eff!!...NO!!!.....As if this summer isn't terrible enough with the pandemic, economic crash....NOW THIS??!! Can't we have any HAPPY news this year???" ๐Ÿ˜– I guess the "happy news" is the wonderful legacy she left the world....and I am grateful she went the best /easiest way possible, peacefully in her sleep, not due to illness/CV. My favorite OD films:
  12. Did anyone else here watch the film Network which just aired on TCM tonight?? I got chills watching it! How interesting that a film made over 40 years ago could be so damn PROPHETIC, RELEVANT to 21st Century America--an era dominated by global corporate monopolies that have risen to wield vast power over our political system, media, and almost every aspect of our daily lives!!
  13. I am SO GRATEFUL for TCM during this era of unprecedented national health/economic crisis. If nothing else, it gives me something to watch other than the CONSTANT, REPETITIVE "Gloom and Doom Show" and the "Political Absurdity Show" running daily on most other networks/channels. This past week, I have enjoyed an all day Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire film marathon , the Wizard of Oz and A Star is Born with the incomparable Judy Garland, silent classic Metropolis, and North by Northwest (preceded by a TCM interview with Eva Marie Saint!). Today, I watched a TCM interview with Faye Dunaway,
  14. Trump isn't taking this crisis seriously enough. His nonchalance, ignorance, science denial, refusal to use the Defense Production Act, and daily contradictions are causing MORE confusion, panic...not less. Now, apparently, he has muzzled--and reportedly is getting ready to fire--the ONLY remaining CREDIBLE public voice of his admin. (Dr. Fauci) still left on the job. See https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-given-unusual-leeway-fauci-121724586.html By the end of THIS WEEK, there will be well over 1,000+ deaths and likely well over 100,000+ cases in the USA. I shudder to thin
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