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  1. That video tribute is great. Kudos to whoever compiled it....a truly devoted fan. You can even get a feel for what a dump that part of Manhattan had become by the late 60s. Love what I assume is Nancy Barrett's kitchen (it's NYC tiny) wherein her dress blends into the wallpaper. And David Selby wears an absolutely fabulous black, sort of satiny jacket which I must track down.
  2. Poor Willie. He definitely became a more sympathetic character in time, considering his early behavior. The Dark Shadows Wiki page includes in a description of him: "Someone who bruises easily, clearly."
  3. Not long ago I watched the Merv Griffin show salute to William Wyler with Walter and Bette both smoking. Olivia was also on the panel but she refrained.
  4. They should dispense with almost all of those subforums. I never, ever visit them, so I would have missed this lovely tribute to Eleanor Parker. Generally speaking.
  5. Grayson looks great with that hairstyle. If only Julia opted for something less utilitarian and no-fuss and dressed up a little.....went to the Blue Whale for a few drinks... she could a got lucky and met a guy... (or gal. I don't judge.)
  6. I think Bette could have done a good job as bedridden Leona in "Sorry, Wrong Number." The hysteria would possibly have been amped up even more.
  7. A funny observation from darkshadowseveryday: Barnabas: What are you planning to do? Angelique: Don’t you know? Barnabas: You’re — you’re going to make me revert to what I was. Angelique: Possibly. That’s pretty much the perfect Dark Shadows response: “Possibly.” In other words, we’re making this up as we go along, and we have no idea what we’re going to do next.
  8. I love to use "You're too short for that gesture " whenever the opportunity arises.
  9. I agree. He was certainly the most outstanding of the male actors. While there was nothing particularly wrong with them, Lloyd and Bill were portrayed as rather bland, but serviceable.
  10. Found it! (And it's terrycloth!)
  11. Nice visuals, as in male rompers. Surprised that didn't become a thing.
  12. I remember reading somewhere (Soap Opera Digest perhaps?) that a number of Nancy's coworkers were opposed to that marriage and advised against it. Can't you picture Joan taking her into her dressing room, light a cigarette and say "Darling, No! Don't do it! Your mother knows from bad marriages!"
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