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  1. Seriously, how the heck does someone get informed of these passings? Just wondering.
  2. One of the 1980s greatest films, thanks to Mr. Blum and his co-stars. I went to the theater multiple times and savored each viewing.
  3. How sad. Loved him as Rosanna Arquette's husband and Laurie Metcalf's brother in Susan. After his wife Roberta buys a vintage jacket in the East Village he bellows "You bought a used jacket? What? Are we poor?"
  4. Patricia Collinge makes me weep every single time I watch this film and I have seen it frequently. Teresa's performance is quite fine, but poor, dear, delicate abused Birdie brings me to tears.
  5. OMG! I just thought of this, as I'm sure many of you have thought about: SHELLEY WINTERS: QUEEN OF THE WATERY DEMISE
  6. I really enjoyed Dancing at Lughnasa. Overall, the acting was quite brilliant although the film itself is awkward and uneven.
  7. Funny, I just saw the Here's Lucy episode where Lucy becomes Shelley's trainer and diet coach. Shelley (as Shelley Summers) needs to lose 15 pounds in two weeks for a movie. I laughed as much as I did when I first saw it.
  8. I've never seen it. Does Shelley get eaten? (Don't answer if you think it would spoil the movie.)
  9. I think that if I needed to self-isolate for 2 weeks my playlist would definitely include every disaster movie available. I think you would need something that makes one's current problems small by comparison, not having to deal with plane crashes, fires, sinking ships, earthquakes or any form of marauding wild life. Only if my TP and peanut butter and crackers will last.
  10. How about The Love Boat with an all-star cast. Add that a secret stash of killer bees gets unleashed onboard. The ship capsizes as an underwater volcano explodes. What have I left out? Yeah, someone needs a kidney, fast.
  11. This is the informaton I have read about the first death in California: Last week the state's first COVID-19 related death came out of Placer County— a 71-year-old man who had underlying health conditions.
  12. I thought of The Birds too! Especially when Doreen Lang, the mother in the diner, asks the waitress to have them keep their conversation down "It's scaring the kids!"
  13. The TP thing is so bizarre it's almost frightening. I sort of understand the Clorox and Lysol shortages, but how long are people planning on being quarantined to need so much toilet paper?
  14. Not surprised that a celebrity has contracted this. They are on planes much more frequently than most of us and attend very large events and attract large crowds.
  15. People need to keep in mind that 80-90% of those who are testing positive present generally mild symptoms similar to the cold or flu. Very few cases are requiring hospitalization or extreme medical care, but would be asked to self-quarantine, That could be the most difficult aspect of this to many. Testing positive is not a death sentence.
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