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  1. Debbie was obviously playing it for High Camp and knew what was what. High Camp. As in one of my favorite bits. "For all we know that girl could be high yellow!" God, I love that line.
  2. Guess it depends upon who dies during the course of the year. Woke me up when it's all over.
  3. So woke me up when it's all over! When I'm wiser and I'm older! All this time I was just watching a movie! Till the Academy showed me I was lost!
  4. How did it not get a nomination for Best Production Design ? (or whatever the category was called back then.)
  5. Not using aerosol hairspray also. (I like to continue a theme.)
  6. I find Lorna's posts to be always invigorating, both visually and content-wise. Veritable flowerbeds in the mundane oasis of lowercase conformity and banality.
  7. Brenda Blethyn..Brenda Fricker..Pauline Collins.....I can't keep them sorted out. Comments made me think of Emily Lloyd, who was going to be the next promising young woman, but I think was derailed with some mental health issues. I thought she was very good in "In Country."
  8. Reports are that Marcia Gay Harden will consume 101: The Daily Mail "Dame Judi Dench eats 100 Maltesers as part of the Captain Tom Moore 100 challenge - in honour of the number of garden laps he did to raise money - while David Beckham does 100 keepy-uppies."
  9. Hey! I just realized that James Cameron stole that "Titanic" bit with Kate's hat from "My Fair Lady!" There is an almost identical moment during the Ascot Gavotte.
  10. In a Revisionist Oscars I could see the film sweeping the Top Five awards. Yes, I would have nominated Malkovich as Best Actor; I found his performance to be mesmerizing and revelatory.
  11. Lee was my favorite sister. I wanted her to just smack the crap out of Hannah so bad.
  12. Barbara Hershey was so ignored and unappreciated ...."Hannah and Her Sisters ", "Black Swan" were nomination worthy.
  13. Poor Louise Gordon, Kings Row. What did she do to be treated so horribly by her father.....
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