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  1. Running on Empty reminded me of what a good actress Martha Plimpton is, although with a fairly small body of work. She was devastating in a Law and Order:SVU episode a number of years ago. Sort of seems like Amanda Plummer a bit.
  2. And Kathy Bates lost her " 'night Mother" stage role to Sissy Spacek for the film version. I remember reading an article where she threw some shade at the industry about being passed over for the parts.
  3. In that documentary Liz discusses how much she hated rehearsals. She says she had to "save it all up" for when the cameras were really rolling. During Cat rehearsals she recalls Paul Newman went to Richard Brooks and asked "Is that it? Is that all Lizard is going to do?" He was told....just wait.
  4. Liz was pretty funny in the Lucy episode. She showed a sense of humor you usually don't see in her films. In the documentary "England's Other Elizabeth" she is quite engaging and often amusing during interviews.
  5. I highly recommend her autobiography "Thank Heaven" and if you can find it, her guest starring role on Law and Order:SVU for which she won an Emmy.
  6. This is from a Vanity Fair article about Sonja: In 1985, about 16 years after Sonja’s death, a biography co-written by Raymond Strait and Leif Henie (who died in 1984) was published: Queen of Ice, Queen of Shadows: The Unsuspected Life of Sonja Henie. The book is richly detailed, brimming with background information, and loaded with fascinating insights from Sonja’s colleagues and friends. It is also merciless, sharing every last foible and flaw. More than one reviewer compared the book to the Joan Crawford takedown Mommie Dearest. Obviously the sibling of a superstar is going to h
  7. Oh jeesh. I've never watched this show and now I feel I absolutely must to keep up with the cool kids!
  8. What on earth do these talentless dudes have to whine about now?
  9. The only Julia Louis Dreyfus skit I really remember is her as Marie Osmond, Gary Kroeger as Donnie, singing and then suddenly furiously start making out. It really made me laugh out loud. It was pretty funny. That's all.
  10. I remember when Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a cast member in the early 1980s. That's when it was really, really bad, especially for the female cast. At least she met her husband there.
  11. Oh! The intersection of Olivia NJ and Staying Alive: released the same year as "Two of a Kind", a Travolta dud.... But two glorious ONJ late recording career hits: Strange Twist of Fate and Livin in Desperate Times. The MTV videos are fabulous! The early 80s were just sublime.
  12. I didn't know Andy had a relationship with Olivia. It was, I've thought, the one with Victoria Principal what done him in.
  13. I've read the biography "Queen of Ice, Queen of Shadows: The Unsuspected Life of Sonja Henie", published many years ago. I knew little about her, so I found it interesting. As the title indicates, there was a dark side.
  14. Interesting take on Mad Men. I do have specific episodes I highly prefer, like The Suitcase and The Beautiful Girls, both from Season 4. I particularly love Girls because it is the only instance all of the major women in Don's life are together. Betty, I recall, rarely appears at the office.
  15. Thanks, that makes some sense . And I neglected to mention that it was Mary Fickett, later of soap opera fame, who received the Featured Actress nomination for Eleanor.
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