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  1. Judi was particularly sour as Eleanor Lavish in "A Room With a View." This could also go in the "hats" thread.
  2. I admire how Marcia made sure to thank her lawyer in her acceptance speech. I wonder how often that's happened.
  3. Don't you think the Travolta- Stanwyck Oscar thing was dictated by the broadcaster (ABC?) who wanted as much new Hollywood as possible.....only one old-timer at a time on camera
  4. Still, my favorite moment of the presentation is Amy Madigan's early incarnation of Meryl Streep's "Oh yeah, right on, You Go Girl!" performance.
  5. I also care. I really, really care. It's as worthy of note and discussion as any of the other stuff discussed here. And of much more interest, to me. Oscar gossip is everything. Others may return to analyzing the value of Gone With the Wind as literature. YAWN.
  6. I watched the video and Judi didn't seem particularly sour or dour, but she is, after all, an Oscar winning actress. Amy Madigan was positively exuberant over Marcia's win, likely assuming it was a favorable omen for Ed to win.
  7. Hemingway's scar! Sorry for the confusion.
  8. I don't quite understand the thing about his large forehead scar: thinking he was pulling a toilet chain but it was actually a skylight? I guess you had to be there. And I'll assume alcohol was involved.
  9. It's definitely not just a rural issue. In New York City at the beginning of the lockdown an estimated 100,000 children had no devices or internet access. While the City attempted to provide tablets, the ability to connect remains problematic. Many are in homeless shelters with no or poor connectivity. Not being able to attend a school in person was a tragedy for many.
  10. I remember us talking about this years ago because Amazon even had it listed for pre-sale!
  11. Olivia's autobiography "Now is the Time" was scheduled for publication by Harper Collins in August 2012. Perhaps only she knew why it never materialized, but we can speculate.
  12. The commentary about "Stella" is funny because I saw it and absolutely do not recall them going to the movies. Of course, I barely recall Stephen Collins in it at all, talk about bland and forgettable. Actually, I vaguely recall anything other than Bette having one big breakdown scene (i.e. drops to knees and wails at daughter) and I remember Marsha Mason, so good for her. And whatever happened to Trini Alvarado who was suppose to be a big 1980s-early 1990s thing?
  13. I've long been intrigued by Deborah Kerr's headwear as Hannah in "The Night of the Iguana. " Seems very nun-like, which I guess is appropriate. I found an entry from what is said to be a diary she kept while filming Iguana, and she does refer to Hannah's wimple. OCTOBER 26: By the time we got to Mismaloya it had stopped raining – although it was still grey. Everything pretty muddy with the rain and steamy with the heat. I climbed into my dress and “wimple” and hat and gloves, etc. – and John and Ray Stark came to have look. Ray felt it looked too elegant. And John felt it
  14. "nut house?" Seriously? This is fodder for a TCM host roundtable.
  15. The Birds is surprisingly popular! Drunk: 'It's the end of the world.' Thus sayeth the Lord God unto the mountains and the hills, and the rivers and the valleys. Behold I, even I shall bring a sword upon ya. And I will devastate your high places. Ezekiel, chapter six. Waitress: Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning that they may follow strong drink. Drunk: Isaiah, chapter five. It's the end of the world.
  16. I haven't allowed anyone on TCM to diminish my enjoyment of many of the films in question.
  17. In "Out of Africa " Meryl Streep is advised by Felicity (actress Suzanna Hamilton) that her hat won't do much to prevent sunstroke. Meryl responds "It's meant to be stunning. " Which it is. She does take Felicity's advice and later switches to more practical headgear.
  18. I make no apologies about liking the novel GWTW. I also admire and enjoy the film. I dislike the lazy "it's a terrible book." But whatever. All of this nonsense is judgmental.
  19. I'm thinking "Psycho" revisited with gender reversal reversals.
  20. There is definitely a thing known as "homosexual misogyny", just to muddy the waters up a bit more. The two are not mutually exclusive.
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