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  1. I must credit my friend Selene who researches all thing Errol. I ran this by her and she identified the actress f me
  2. Wow now that would have been a role that Errol could have chewed and spit out. Those two big personalities together on the big screen. What an idea! I’ll dream tonight
  3. They met up in Cannes. That is Linda beside Tyrone. Interesting but Errol was her acknowledged first romance. She had her teeth fixed and sent the bill to Errol. He was not a fan of Linda’s. Tyrone and Errol both liked each other and occasionally met despite their busy movie schedules
  4. One of the best desert island films was Son of Fury starring Tyrone and Gene as his beautiful island girl. There is one hot scene where she seduces him with a sizzling dance. Your imagination takes off from there. A more gorgeous pair of island kids I can’t imagine
  5. I agree that Flynn was so much more than Robin Hood. If only someone saw beyond that crazy man personality that the studio created. Odd but they both admired each other personally.
  6. I’m about to compile a list of Tyrone’s comedies to list and discuss starting w Love is News to The Luck of the Irish. He did it all from dramas, comedies, swashbucklers, westerns, spy, war and all the rest. He looked comfortable doing it all. He was a very versatile actor
  7. I love Flynn and feel that he had latent acting talent. However this was Tyrone’s role from inception to completion. He discovered the book and fought hard to have movie made, molding his own personality to Stan Carlisle. No one else could have played Stan as well as he. That being said, Errol might have been a close second
  8. Thank you! I have both the DVR and CD. The commentary is wonderful. I hope others see your post and order CD
  9. This great musical is barely mentioned nowadays yet it’s timeless in its entertainment. Every minute is packed with wonderful Irving Berlin tunes as well as some marvelous dance routines. Tyrone Power w lovely Alice Faye heads the star studded cast and Alice shows her beautiful deep voice and sultry style. Tyrone is there for the swoon factor and il sure the ladies weren’t disappointed. However The young slim Ethel Merman steals the show. I was never a fan but she outshines everyone with her talent. I would love to see TCM highlight this 1930s musical. Henry King said it was his all time fav
  10. Strange but they actually tried to pair him w Monroe in a weird movie entitled Queen of the Nile. Was blonde Monroe supposed to play an Egyptian? He dodged a bullet on that one. Yes, if he had problems with Novak, can you imagine working w Marilyn?
  11. In reply to Tom, Tyrone didn’t care for the fact that Kim often showed up late and unprepared for her role. As a result, the workers had to stay late to accommodate her. He considered that rude and unprofessional. He was a very disciplined professional who prided himself on arriving on time and ready. As a result, she upset him that way. He was unaware that she was bipolar and had difficulty sleeping however.
  12. Strange but I was @ to post on TEDS. It’s forever tied in my memory with a childhood trip to NYC for the first time. Right after, my mom took me to see this great movie. Tyrone so dark and Kim so blonde made a beautiful team along w scenes from Central Park. Besides that Tyrone is remarkable in his piano fingering skills going above and beyond in this part. His touching scenes w his neglected son as well as that sweet child during the war again shows his acting skills. It still is one of my favorite Power performances
  13. But that’s what intelligent discussion is all about
  14. I couldn’t disagree more. While everyone was superb, Tyrone and Gene totally explained the Larry and Isabel relationship. Without them, the whole plot disintegrates. I feel it’s a complete picture from start to finish when the camera focuses on Larry when he arrives til the end when Larry reveals his disdain for her. This takes nothing away from Baxter’s Oscar performance
  15. I never knew @ Olivias affair w Huston. Obviously she was never the sweet innocent woman that she presented. She wouldn’t have survived in the tough world of Hollywood.
  16. There is something very enduring and endearing about unrealized physical attraction. Errol and Olivia had an on and off relationship over many years that transcended time. Olivia saw through the wild self destructive man to his thoughtful intelligent sensitive side that he often hid. Errol touched her romantic sweet nature and captured her heart. Let’s believe together that Robin and Maid Marian are together on the other side
  17. I understand that Somerset Maugham also wrote a screenplay that was replaced by Lamar Trotti’s version. I wonder if that screenplay still exists. In the movie version, Larry remains pure as the driven snow vs the book where Larry (oh my!) succumbs to the flesh. Despite that, the moral pull between Larry and Isabel remains the focus of the film. Larry believes that there is a higher calling beyond our own desires where Isabel feels she has the right to fulfill her wants snd that includes wanting Larry.
  18. He was gorgeous in Razors but I love his voice especially. His lady friend Mary Roblee stated that he would read Byron to her in front of a fire in his NYC penthouse. What a visual, lucky lady!
  19. I don’t think anyone thought either Power or Flynn were on the same level as Rathbone. However Basil was quoted as saying that power was far superior to Flynn. Interesting as Flynn as known to be an excellent athlete
  20. It’s a good adventure film especially the Rope Walk an exciting test of courage where Tyrone proves he’s worthy. My only problem was the heroine who looked 14 even though she was actually in her early twenties. Tyrone looked uncomfortable in the love scenes. Nonetheless it was fun to watch
  21. Wait a minute, I totally neglected my favorite The Razors Edge
  22. I totally enjoyed Tyrone’s SUTS day. The movies selected were excellent. My favorites are witness, nightmare alley and abandon ship
  23. I’m so glad TCM chose Abandon Ship too. Tyrone jumped right into this role; allowing himself to look like hell, exhausted and disheveled, playing a basically good man making horrific decisions. Another role that should have led to at least a nomination. He was just starting to show his deep intelligent side
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