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  1. Apparently some changes have been made here at the TCM web site. I can no longer find the advance schedule. I really liked the other version of the current month's schedule. I do not like the way it is with the change. Have the advance schedules been eliminated? If not, where can I find them?
  2. Does anyone know why "Honeymoon Machine, The" scheduled for next week was cancelled? It still shows on the schedule but an email alert this morning said it has been cancelled: "Hello, You asked us to remind you that "Honeymoon Machine, The (1961)" is playing on TCM. It has been cancelled or rescheduled. Please check the www.tcm.com schedule for more showings. Thank you, Your friends at TCM"
  3. I would sure like to see the short film titled "Radio Hams" which included a performance by Clayton Moore. Has anyone seen this broadcast on TCM lately? I'm a Clayton Moore fan and would really like to see this film. How does one find out in advance when these short films are going to be broadcast?
  4. I would appreciate it, if anyone can explain what is scheduled to be shown at 9:00 a.m. (CDT) on October 28th. Is this parts of a movie or a serial or a mistake of some kind? 9:00 AM Superman Comes To Earth (1948) C-0 mins, 9:00 AM Depths Of The Earth (1948) C-0 mins, 9:00 AM Reducer Ray, The (1948) C-0 mins, 9:00 AM Man Of Steel (1948) C-0 mins, 9:00 AM Job For Superman, A (1948) C-0 mins,
  5. Sorry, but your instructions make no sense to me. What is the "site" radio button just below the navigation of the site? Where is it? Also, is it possible to go back to the old web site design? It worked, there were no complaints by the hundreds and everyone's blood pressure was about 50 points lower than they are now.
  6. TCM, you should be ashamed! It's well beyond the holidays and you're "new" schedule format is still laughable. I just checked the February schedule and I see that the early morning hours of Wednesday, February 1st no longer can be found on the first day of the month. Your webmaster has apparently determined that those hours are better suited at the end of the month, after February 28th. Wow, what a revolutionary although isane idea! I still say that the same web design team, now at work at TCM, is the same group of morons who screwed up the TV Guide web site.
  7. Why did TCM "improve" their Schedule? It's terrible. The "old" version was twice as good as this latest, so-called, improvement. Please go back to the old Schedule page. It was perfect! It worked fine! Recently, the TV Guide web site "improved" their Search feature too. It's terrible and I no longer can even use their Search feature and thus I have no reason to go to their web site. If TV Guide and TCM don't want people coming to their web sites, to use what used to be good features, then why not just remove your web site entirely, instead of making us upset? TCM had a dream of a Sched
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