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  1. If anyone watches any part of this, watch in particular from 16:45 onward. That story is huge, and the fake news is scared to death of it.
  2. So true. The more they're on the television, the less welcome to viewers they get. It's the Hillary Clinton kind of thing.
  3. Let's play a game of "you take one of ours and we take one of yours".
  4. I've heard that that ting is overdue for a blow out. It's said that would be the end of America when it happens. Maybe the end of everything but the bugs.
  5. Thanks, darkblue. Q is historical and those who are following are well ahead. Little that happens in the news is a surprise to those who follow Q drops.
  6. Love these posts, darkblue! Keep them coming.
  7. That is tremendous. The first black woman general - and Trump is the President who made it happen!
  8. I can't wait till the DNA test is done on them. No getting out of it then.
  9. That's from that Matthew Broderick movie, isn't it?
  10. Trump supporters and Q followers sure are making the most of that baby!
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