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  1. Thanks for the spell-check. I read that Rock Hudson had been adopted by his stepfather and changed his name to the intermediate one of Fitzgerald. He is very young with a pudgy-faced look in the small photo. And hey...hunk is the word...I really did not know who Hugh O'Brien was until I found a website with photos. That fellow was quite the stud-muffin in a pair of tiny white swim trunks. He is alive and I read that he had married for the first time only a year or so ago, he is in his 80's. I found a citation on the 1941 book where one had been sold for somewhere around $500. I
  2. Hello...it has been over a year since I have been here. I have a question that might be best answered by movie fans. A recently widowed friend of mine was hiding in the cellar during a tornado warning a couple of weeks ago. She had nothing to do during that time (cowering is boring), so she opened an old chest belonging to her late husband's mother. Inside she found a strange collection of newspaper clippings dating from WWII through the sixties. Yellowing copies of articles about Kennedy's assassination, M.L. King's, and that disastrous Apollo mission were in there. All interesting
  3. i.e. "American movie audiences have certainly become acustomed to a lot more violence and tension in recent years. " Wow, folks have a terrible sense of humor here. Maybe TCM should show a few more comedies; refresh the palette. ...It was just a little jokey thingey, ...you know funny..."It's a sweater...".....Ahem..... Guess I will sign off for another year. Susanb
  4. What a great comedy! This movie was a laugh-a-minute ride for me. Memorable moments as in the recounting of "the crying towel" story...dialogue such as "It's a sweater" (and Robert Stack wasn't talking about his cardigan)...how can you not love it? Susanb
  5. After the second call to CableOne this weekend I was told they had not received a sufficient number of calls complaining about the problem for them to respond to and repair that problem. The audio/video has been way off since Friday night in my area. I hate to repeat, but also posted in another area (the other area was the one for message board technical problems, not exactly appropriate, but what the heck.) Its just that it is driving me crazy and I hope that if anyone else has CableOne they will call. Supposedly, they must receive three separate complaints before they will repair t
  6. Hello, I just called my cable company , CableOne, for the second time regarding the out-of-sync problem occurring since Friday night. Yesterday it took three calls totaling 25 minutes to get through to a "service" rep. Today a real person picked up right away. I reported the problem for the second time and was told that until three separate individual subscribers call and complain they will not resolve the issue. At the time I called they only had two complaints (from different cities). Obviously they know there is a problem but refuse to acknowledge it until that magic third person
  7. That is the correct answer, take it away..........
  8. Nope Clue #2: Flashing white smile steals the show.
  9. Ordet is a movie by Danish director Carl Dreyer. The play was written by Kaj Munk, who was killed by the Nazis. If you have never seen the movie you should do so. It is done in Dreyer's typical slow and methodical pacing. You must leave the rest of the world behind and sit and watch. The story is an allegory about faith. A young philosophy student has a break-down and comes to believe he is Jesus. His family are much disconcerted and his condition is a trial for them. The simple family life is portrayed lovingly. Faith and redemption are the core of the plot. I won't say more
  10. Can't believe no one got it before. Here goes: Clue #1: Features a big drum.
  11. As you move into the light you hear voices....and finally you pass into the bright void...only to be met by Edward Arnold. Uh oh.
  12. Interesting note, Party Girl is listed as #5 in the top search entries of the TCM database. I don't know where you went when you plugged in your title to come up with a porno. When I tried it your movie (with Cyd Charisse) was listed second behind another benign title. No Pandora's box there. It is curious, but the original response to your post gave accurate information regarding the database contents. Don't worry.
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