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  1. I wrote elsewhere, but I’ll repeat for emphasis. I just listened to I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich, part one. I love Ben, but he broke all the rules of a good interview and proved why they are necessary. He told us Peter was funny, instead of showing us. Ben spent too much time talking about himself. In short, the introduction was too long. He should just let Peter tell the story and only interject to keep the ball rolling. Maybe it’s the attention short disorder that afflicts the world today, that it must be entertained with music cues and repeated cutting, instead of intel
  2. I have just listened to Ben’s interview with Peter Bogdanovich. I love Ben , but he broke all the rules for a good interview and proved why they are there. He talked about how funny Peter is, instead of showing it. Ben spent too much time talking about himself. The introduction, in short, was too long. We want to hear Peter, let him tell the story, only interject when necessary to keep the ball rolling. It’s times like these you really appreciate and miss Robert O.
  3. I believe Brrrcold has hit upon a truth when he or she states that the present concoction of The Essentials is trying to present “an alternate version of history.” This is a noble cause, but first we must have films made with technical expertise, so that poor production values don’t obscure the message. Finally, we must have an host educated in the language of the films they are presenting. That is my point, we have neither the films, nor the presenter. Not that they don’t exist, but TCM has chosen to leave us wanting.
  4. It is the majority opinion of the TCM members that this person hosting the present incarnation of The Essentials is prejudiced and clearly ignorant of film history and film techniques. The films she has chosen are poorly made, heavy handed in message, and therefore, impossible to watch. How long must TCM management continue in this blunder? Today, TCM aired Intruders In The Dust, a film made at MGM in 1949. This film is 4 Star. As a white boy, I was captured by how this film illustrated prejudice. This is the kind of film that person should have shown on her Essentials, but, unfortun
  5. What must be done to show this lady the door? Robert Osborne must be turning over in his grave. The Essentials used to stand for the exhibition of films that were landmarks in their genre. The films being shown today are amateurish at best. One film she screened, you could hear the wind noise picked up by the microphone. TCM used to mean classic movies, but today they pick someone who studied film by a correspondence and picks 8MM movies, she calls classics. My criticism is solely based on the experience of viewing the present day Essentials. Anyone who tries to twist sex or race int
  6. This is nothing personal, since I don’t know the woman. But based on her selection of films, her qualifications as a person with any real knowledge of film is questionable. As a person who graduated from film school, I sincerely doubt that a person who brags about being self taught and then selects worthless films has shown any talent befitting her position. I doubt if she has seen or could understand,”Hiroshima Mon Amour.” Therefore, based on her lack of knowledge, although it is “PC” to place a woman in her position, she should be removed forth with and replaced with someone who a
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