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  1. I started a drinking game (with Pepsi since I don't drink alcohol) where I would take one sip for everytime Peter says the following: "When I asked so and so..." "When I had lunch with so and so..." "So and so told me once..." and take two sips for every impersonation. okay it sounded like a good idea at the time. Miss Randi
  2. Elysia, that was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your wonderful NYE with the always elegant and charming Mr Osborne. I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Osborne at the Hollywood Collectors Show in Hollywood a few years ago. He and I spoke briefly- he wanted to know about my movie interests and then we parted. It was one of the best meetings I've ever had with someone I admire so much. A very classy man. thank you again for sharing. :-) Miss Randi
  3. Let me add that I agree completely with the original posting. I just signed up after months of reading posts. I love TCM with all of my heart and did take it for granted even though I knew better. I grew up watching AMC and started avoiding it after they started showing movies that I didn't care to see. The running joke was that AMC meant the 'Audie Murphy Channel.' Now I wish to have those days back. I lost AMC but at least I have TCM. Technically though I haven't watched TCM for months as I moved to a hotel until I get settled into my next residence. This hotel doesn't offer TCM so I am
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