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  1. Elysia,


    that was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your wonderful NYE with the always elegant and charming Mr Osborne.


    I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Osborne at the Hollywood Collectors Show in Hollywood a few years ago. He and I spoke briefly- he wanted to know about my movie interests and then we parted. It was one of the best meetings I've ever had with someone I admire so much. A very classy man.


    thank you again for sharing. :-)



    Miss Randi

  2. Let me add that I agree completely with the original posting. I just signed up after months of reading posts. I love TCM with all of my heart and did take it for granted even though I knew better. I grew up watching AMC and started avoiding it after they started showing movies that I didn't care to see. The running joke was that AMC meant the 'Audie Murphy Channel.' Now I wish to have those days back.


    I lost AMC but at least I have TCM. Technically though I haven't watched TCM for months as I moved to a hotel until I get settled into my next residence. This hotel doesn't offer TCM so I am watching tons of dvds and going thru TCM withdrawl.


    Yes, there are some movies that they show over and over but think about this...we need to recruit new people all of the time. Perhaps some young person is flipping through channels or looking at the listings and they see Casablanca....maybe their curiosity will make them check it out. Hey, back in the 50s King Kong was shown in the NY area WOR tv at least 15 times in one week. We shouldn't complain about Citizen Kane being shown once a month.


    Thanks for reading!!


    Miss Randi

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