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  1. Thankfully, no. They are not being used anymore.
  2. Desperation. Without the ability to win at the ballot box, they have nowhere else to go but force in the streets. The Deep State wants that anarchy and is a formidable ally for the left-wing fascists to have. All the reason to vote for Patriots. Only the Patriots can save America from fascism.
  3. I watch a lot of YT, but I can't wait until the new law gets here to stop YT from deleting so many people it doesn't like.
  4. Another terrific Mac report there!
  5. It is quite remarkable how often months old Q drops develop in the present. A lot of people fail to realize it because the mainstream fake news refuses to cover these developments. Mainstream fake news is a Deep State operation now and it's desperate to keep Q drops from being spread.
  6. The people at Trump's rallies are always so happy! And they say his popularity as a President is only 50%? That's as hard to believe now as the polls of 2016 as we now realize their wrongness.
  7. Nothing they do in there counts anymore.
  8. They might have to start, if ANTIFA is finally labelled a terrorist group like it should have been long ago.
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