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  1. I did! Trump's getting the country fixed up for the little tyke.
  2. As long as they're not Al Quaeda supporters, they're fine. Misguided somewhat, but saveable. But Al Quaeda supporters - get them the hell outta the country.
  3. Feminists are the government?? Come to think of it, you may be right. God help us!
  4. The squad sure is helping that along. I hope the fake news keeps the microphones in their faces non stop.
  5. Leave it to racist Democrats to pretend to be something else. Republicans freed the slaves. Democrats, having been on the wrong side of history, tried to fool the world by pretending to be Republicans later on when they'd lost all the battles. But all they've done is made their racism more insidious.
  6. The squad is burying itself in its own hate. Most people seem to truly dislike those women.
  7. Not yet mentioned is the rarely-mentioned Coming Apart. It stars recently deceased Rip Torn who plays a psychiatrist who secretly films his female patients. An unusual and often fascinating film.
  8. If you see an alligator walking around in circles, report it to the DEA please.
  9. don't you just hate it when periods, question marks and capitals go on a wildcat strike
  10. I just mentioned watching The King of Marvin Gardens in another thread. I know for sure that it has been on TCM in the distant past. Films like this should be run more often, I think.
  11. I watched The King of Marvin Gardens last night. Most people don't even remember it, so I guess it wouldn't be a classic to them, but it felt like a classic to me. As I was watching, I felt a fond remembrance.
  12. I wonder how successful this "007" movie will be? The feminization of many other movie franchises hasn't received quite the popularity hoped for.
  13. I hear some milkshakes are having quick-drying cement added to them. As if the mess wasn't bad enough.
  14. Of course nobody knew about Epstein. I heard Bill Clinton say so, and he went to the island a lot.
  15. We're beginning to know how anything is possible with the power held by the deep state. But I'm hoping that this was just an accident. It's scary to consider the alternative.
  16. Can you blame them? Left-wing Nazis will **** you up if you disagree with what they demand.
  17. Yes, all you have to do is go to a college campus and say out loud that you vote Republican. Students will lose their minds for fear of you. You could be milkshaked.
  18. Yes. 3 times! I agree wholeheartedly with your recommendation.
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