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  1. Democrats aren't for that. They've said it'll never happen. They may talk about it NOW, now that they know they have no chance of beating Trump. But it's just pretend. If they ever did win, they'd find an excuse for not doing it, just like always. Their owners simply won't ever allow it.
  2. And on a Saturday. A lot of people's night for getting wild even without a blackout. Might be some interesting news items to come.
  3. You're directing me toward the fake news? Holy cow. Anything they'd actually do after they've gotten our votes? I hear Democrats saying "people who sneak in to the country illegally should be able to stay" every day. All kinds of Democrats say this, unendingly. I hear it every day. That's mythical, is it?
  4. To vote for a Democrat, it would be really helpful if they could come up with a policy to vote for. Something other than open borders.
  5. Many of Mickey Rourke's films seem to qualify as neo-noir. Most especially, Johnny Handsome. I'd also recommend Christopher Walken movies as noir. King of New York and At Close Range (with Sean Penn) are good examples, but with Walken there are many others. And lest we forget, Things To Do in Denver When You're Dead.
  6. That's generally always the problem with any novel to screen project. The one King novel I've read that did nearly all make it to the screen was Misery. Still, the book was a better read than the movie was a watch.
  7. Was he related to the beautiful Elizabeth?
  8. With King movies, it's best to not have read the book. I think that's why Carrie seems like such a good King movie - I've never read the book.
  9. I really dug him as the bad guy in The Cincinnati Kid. Always recognized him in every movie he was in after that one and thought of him as one of the great under-rateds.
  10. Sounds kind of like Lawrence Tierney.
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