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  1. To Be or Not to Be (1942) is a war/drama/comedy/romance
  2. I thought Fonda & Perkins were really good in The Tin Star....the plot wasn't of much substance....was that your issue with it? The one western I haven't seen that I really want to see is Once Again Upon a Time in the West....I don't remember ever seeing it being scheduled on TCM or AMC............
  3. I think the following are either way overrated or flat out bad: All Quiet on the Western Front; Apolcalypse Now; Darkest Hour; Dunkirk; Glory; The Red Badge of Courage; Fury; Wind Talkers; Gunga Din & We Were Soldiers. However, unlike Latrice, I did like Monuments Men. Also, how can anyone not like The Longest Day?
  4. I'd like to make a comment about Cary Grant in romantic comedies generally......imo, he personally was fantastic, but many of his "zany" movies are overrated (ie...Bringing up Baby, Philadelphia Story, His Girl Friday......it just has something to do with how hard comedies are to make, and how much the culture has changed since his time. My 20ish kids won't even watch them.
  5. I haven't seen some of those mentioned. Off what I've seen: 1. High Noon 2. My Darling Clementine 3. The Magnificent Seven 4. Ride the High Country.......Very underrated 5. Red River 6. How the West was Won 7. Pale Rider 8. The Tin Star......To me, also very underrated...... 9. The Searchers........imo, somewhat overrated on most lists.... 10. Shane 11. The Treasure of Sierra Madre 12. Butch Cassidy...............not as good as it seemed in the '70s 13. Cat Ballou....(re: Jane's boobs are worth a spot on this list....) 14. The Ox-Bow Incident........imo, overrated on most lists, because everything in the movie is predictable 15. Stagecoach.........overrated on most lists 16. Evil Roy Slade 17. Destry Rides Again 18. The Assassination of Jesse James... 19. The Wild Bunch..................overrated on most lists 20. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Some of these could be termed western-themed rather than true westerns....... When I say 'overrated', I'm not saying its a bad movie, just that I don't think its not as good as advertised, imo
  6. Here are mine, with a couple of comments: 1. The Bridge over the River Kwai---multi-layered 2. Patton---GC Scott 3. Saving Private Ryan 4. The Great Escape 5. They Were Expendable---I love this movie.....certainly a movie like Saving Private Ryan is a 'greater movie' in terms of the production as a whole, but RM and Wayne were over the top good in this movie....I think John Wayne's best as he was somewhat restrained...and Donna Reed....amazing. 6. The Longest Day---This suffers a little bit from being too star-focused, but the effort that went into it reminds me of the American war effort....... 7. Enemy at the Gates 8. Mrs. Miniver 9. Lifeboat---To me, this one is a sleeper...one that can be watched over & over.... 10. The Gallant Hours---Another big-time sleeper....The music can be a little distracting....and I'm pretty sure Cagney as Halsey was a hell of a lot better person than Halsey as Halsey....but what an effort by Cagney.....To me Cagney is like Bogart....in a few films brilliant, nobody better....in others, not so much. #11 would be the Dirty Dozen, a guilty pleasure.
  7. From someone who is new to this forum, not a musician, and not particularly into musicals as such, but interested in movies generally......my top 10: 1. The Wizard of Oz 2. The Sound of Music 3. The Music Man 4. Yankee Doodle Dandy 5. Fiddler on the Roof 6. Singin' in the Rain 7. An American in Paris. I have no expertise nor technical criteria...these just seem to me to have some weight/originality or the "it" factor. The single common factor I see is that they all have a single dominant personality. I'm interested in why more people don't rate Fiddler on the Roof highly. Is it because of the quality of the singing/dancing? Because, to me, the story is exceptional and significant. It's almost like a musical drama ala The Sound of Music. For whatever reason, I don't understand all the love for My Fair Lady and West Side Story...........
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