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  1. Great month for noir because besides the Noir Alley selections and the 1948 Noir Spotlight, there are some noirs as part of the films of SOTM Jane Russell.
  2. Love the Noir Alley selections, particularly Beyond a Reasonable Doubt and Address Unknown. Jane Russell is great choice for SOTM. Her first time as SOTM?
  3. Johnny Eager reminds me of a comment Eddie Muller has made about Double Indemnity. "It's a love story, alright, but it's not about a man and woman, it's about the relationship between the two men." Robert Taylor and Van Heflin make an interesting team. While I am not generally a Taylor fan, he does a decent job in this film. But, Van Heflin is the standout to me -- What a great character played by a great actor -- funny, literate, tragic, loyal -- no wonder he won the Oscar for this role.
  4. Well, that's as good an explanation as any.
  5. That is a really interesting idea. Not sure I agree but I sure never thought of that angle.
  6. At least that's what Billy Wilder thinks.
  7. OK. So I recently saw Double Indemnity for probably the 20th time and for the very first time something really bothered me. Walter Neff is "on to" Phyllis Dietrichson's scheme pretty much immediately: "Who'd you think I was anyway? The guy who walks into a dame's front parlor and says: Good afternoon, I sell accident insurance on husbands. You got one that's been around too long?" Walter is not an idiot and he clearly knows the score, including what Phyllis is all about. Yet, we are supposed to believe that in a very, very short period of time (less than 24 hours later??) after telling her off he is suddenly totally onboard with killing her husband because he's so passionate about her?? I don't know. It seems like a big stretch to me. At least, let her work on him a week or so! I realize that movies have to compress time and this is such an incredible noir that we just go along for the ride but it is a bit hard to believe that Walter would make such a dramatic turnaround in such a short time. Has this ever bothered anybody else??
  8. One of Barbara Payton's most famous quotes (when asked if she wanted to enter detox) was: "I'd rather drink and die." Doesn't get much more noir than that.
  9. I'd absolutely second that. Goldfinger is, far and away, the standout Bond film to me though To Russia With Love and On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Thank you, Diana Rigg!) get a couple of thumbs up as well.
  10. Has anybody mentioned Zachary Scott? I think he's deserving of a spotlight. Love him in Mask of Dimitrios.
  11. He's great in Phantom Lady! And, this guy did a ton of TV. Check out his IMDB credits.
  12. Not quite sure how this works since I liked all the schedules but if I have to pick just one, I'll go with Lydecker's schedule for Gene Hackman, James Whitmore and Joseph LaShelle.
  13. Finally saw this and it's worth seeing if a bit long. Brad Pitt is amazing. I thought the rumor about Brad Pitt's character "killing his wife" was an inside joke of Taratino's -- Brad Pitt would surely like to "kill" Angelina Jolie after their high-profile, ugly divorce!
  14. Dr. Strangelove. It has its moments here and there and perhaps it's Peter Sellers overload but I never got all the hype about it.
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