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  1. Thanks to the Criterion Channel, I was able to rewatch Tom Jones (1963) a few nights ago. What a fun, beautiful film. Gorgeous cinematography, costumes, and music. Last night I watched Around the World in 80 Days (1956) for the first time. Another fun movie with outstanding visuals and music, not to mention all of the stars throughout. I'd love to see both of these on the big screen too, which is the only way to truly appreciate them. If anyone has any interest in the Big Screen Classics, I encourage you to email TCM and give your input. If enough people express certain titles, maybe we can get more of the fun epics rather than Ghost and The Blues Brothers.
  2. I'm delighted to hear of others that loved Motherless Brooklyn. It was a wonderful movie and you are absolutely right that it didn't receive the attention and acclaim it deserved. Unfortunately, it might be a comment on today's audiences not having the patience or desire to let a movie build and unfold. It was a joy to see in theatres. Great performances, fascinating story (I enjoyed learning about Robert Moses and the power he held in New York City), and as a jazz lover, an outstanding score made even better with Wynton Marsalis playing the trumpet parts. I always admire projects where an individual does it all (acting, directing, and writing) and Edward Norton delivered. I read the book and I felt the story Norton created was much more interesting and enjoyable. Hopefully Motherless Brooklyn will be appreciated more in the future.
  3. In no particular order: Peter O'Toole Albert Finney Laurence Olivier Richard Burton Terence Stamp Trevor Howard Claude Rains James Mason Alan Bates Charlie Chaplin Deborah Kerr Vivien Leigh Wendy Hiller Julie Christie Ida Lupino Claire Bloom Emma Thompson
  4. What would you like to see programmed for the 2021 TCM Big Screen Classics schedule? Let's try and follow the general format and program the majority of the films based on anniversary celebrations and a variety of decades. Mine in chronological order: Citizen Kane (1941) - 80th Anniversary The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) - 75th Anniversary The Third Man (1949) Rear Window (1954) Giant (1956) - 65th Anniversary The King and I (1956) - 65th Anniversary Peyton Place (1957) The Guns of Navarone (1961) - 60th Anniversary Grand Prix (1966) - 55th Anniversary The Last Picture Show (1971) - 50th Anniversary The French Connection (1971) - 50th Anniversary Barry Lyndon (1975) Rocky (1976) - 45th Anniversary Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - 40th Anniversary Platoon (1986) - 35th Anniversary
  5. That's good to know. This is why we need the movie to air!
  6. Thank you for responding. Too bad They All Laughed (1981) wasn't included. I'd like to see that one as it is also Audrey Hepburn's last starring role.
  7. I too am a fan of Peter Bogdanovich. Prior to last week, I had only seen What's Up, Doc? and Paper Moon, as well as part of The Last Picture Show. Targets was a really interesting movie and a great debut feature. I loved seeing Karloff on screen, he was truly great. I also was fascinated by the backstory of how the picture came together and where the premise came from. I absolutely loved The Last Picture Show. What a movie and what outstanding performances across the board. Such a moving, wonderful film. I am happy to have finally seen it and it was well worth the wait. I am excited for the podcast as well, although I agree it doesn't make sense for us to have to wait so long before it launches. You'd think the first episode covering the early part of his career would have been launched after TCM aired his first two movies. Oh well, it will be fun when it arrives. Does anyone know if originally there were to be more than six of his movies programmed for April? Did TCM remove any when they programmed the Stay at Home Festival?
  8. How about Robert Donat? He's deserving of a tribute. I'd like to see The Young Mr. Pitt (1942) included as a premiere, which was directed by Carol Reed.
  9. I just watched Chinatown (1974) for the first time in a while the other night and John Huston is the perfect example. I thought I remembered him being in the movie for a longer duration, but he gives a brilliant performance in about ten minutes of screen time that stays with you long after the film. Also from 1974, Ellen Burstyn in Harry and Tonto is terrific (as always) in her scene with Art Carney when he comes to visit her.
  10. Three Days of the Condor (1975) - one of my personal favorites. Also, The Anderson Tapes (1971) and Plaza Suite (1971) come to mind.
  11. Over the last week, I enjoyed going through the Steve McQueen movies on WatchTCM. I enjoyed rewatching The Cincinnati Kid and Bullitt. The performances are excellent in Cincinnati and what a group it is: McQueen, Edward G. Robinson, Karl Malden, Tuesday Weld, Ann-Margret, Joan Blondell, Rip Torn, Jack Weston, and Cab Calloway. Everyone has good scenes but the ones between McQueen and Malden and McQueen and Robinson are delightful to watch. I always loved Bullitt and I hadn't seen it in about a year. How can you not love the classic car chase? Splendid. And then there's the great Lalo Schifrin score. I have to mention the iconic: the Ford, the turtleneck, the brown jacket. Just awesome. McQueen and Robert Vaughn are both terrific in this. I'm a big fan of Vaughn and always enjoy his performances. Then I watched some McQueen films I hadn't seen before: The Sand Pebbles, An Enemy of the People, and The Getaway. I loved The Sand Pebbles. Wonderful film with outstanding performances across the board. Very enjoyable and I could see the parallels with Vietnam without any outside reading. McQueen is excellent in this movie and deserved his Oscar nomination. He gets to show a lot of range in this one. I felt the best supporting performance in this movie was Richard Crenna, an actor who never seems to get his due but always turns in a solid performance. Great story and visuals here and one of the most enjoyable films I've watched in a while. An Enemy of the People was a good watch. I liked seeing McQueen in an unrecognizable role and an intimate dramatic adaptation of Ibsen's play. Good performances from Bibi Andersson and Charles Durning. It's a little film, but one I quite enjoyed and was happy to see. I'm glad this film was made. The Getaway is a lot of fun. This film has a lot of twists and turns and moves along briskly. Great entertainment and a great final act. One thing that’s clear: McQueen knew a good script as all of these movies have interesting/excellent stories.
  12. I'm with you here. I am thrilled to see Jazz getting a full month spotlight and am delighted that The Cotton Club will be premiereing. I had the great fortune of seeing The Cotton Club Encore on the big screen with Francis Ford Coppola, Maurice Hines, and James Remar in attendance for an introduction and Q&A. It was an absolute delight. Some of the most splendid dancing I've ever seen on film. I too am disappointed that Round Midnight is not on the lineup. An outstanding film with brilliant performances and music. I also would have liked to see Bird (1988) and Too Late Blues (1961) included on the schedule.
  13. I will. Perhaps sooner rather than later with the way things currently are. I'll start brainstorming some ideas!
  14. Thank you so much everyone! It’s been a pleasure having the opportunity to share my ideas with all of you and to see all the wonderful schedules. Thank you LonesomePolecat, CinemaInternational, and speedracer5 for your schedules - lots of movies I look forward to seeing or rewatching. Lydecker, thank you for creating and running this challenge. I had a lot of fun with the Sherlock Holmes themes and thoroughly enjoyed integrating the challenges into my schedule. All for one and one for all!
  15. I’ve been meaning to contribute for a while. Here is a list of suggestions I posted in September that I feel would be good selections. Robert Preston Jean Peters Max von Sydow Ralph Meeker Terence Stamp Joanne Woodward Albert Finney Louis Calhern Anouk Aimee Alain Delon Margaret Lockwood Judith Anderson John Cassavetes Jane Greer Richard Basehart Jose Ferrer Madeleine Carroll Jack Hawkins And I’d add: Sandy Dennis Alan Bates Jason Robards Wendy Hiller Brian Keith Claire Bloom Russ Tamblyn Robert Cummings I just wanted to add how wonderful it is to see all of the support for Max von Sydow. Terrific actor and highly deserving of a special tribute. Hope TCM shows Three Days of the Condor!
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