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  1. They never seem to show Fred Zinnemann's "The Men". They show Brando movies all the time, but for some reason his first is not one of them. It's a good quality movie, so I don't understand why it's excluded.
  2. Doesn't really even qualify as "coverage". Just opinionated gossip and Establishment-driven propaganda.
  3. Not as much call for very tall women in baseball, I guess.
  4. A lost soul. So many lost from that generation. And Daria beautiful? Was she ever! No wonder he fell for her all the way from an airplane.
  5. You are very, very wrong. It's not surprising, however. There are hundreds of millions of people in this country who have been programmed to believe what CBS and NBC and CNN and the NY Times tell them. De-programming these washed minds is a laborious project. Getting people to look at all that's happening; learn to discern truth from propaganda is an enormous undertaking. But it is happening. There will be some who will not be awakened. They have so embraced their rage and victimhood that an awakening will be too traumatic for them. Their very identity has become their sense of
  6. I'm also a fan of Ida Lupino. She had a special quality, a kind of rare attractiveness to her. Intelligence and an intriguing facial beauty in combination.
  7. It's only people who have an unreasoning hatred of Trump for beating Hillary Clinton that say those terrible and untrue things about him (the things in the thread title). I believe what they have has been identified as "Trump Derangement Syndrome", which certainly seems to apply. From all I've seen, Trump isn't the least bit racist and is doing a marvelous job as President. Better than anyone I've seen before.
  8. Thought of another one that's virtually forgotten now! The most famous beauty star of the time was the gorgeous Raquel Welch and everyone rushed to the theater to see her in a terrible movie called Flareup so that they could see her set some guy on fire.
  9. Michael Madsen is a scary actor, especially in that he's so cool in his menace.
  10. My goodness, if I'd known people were gonna over react with all kinds of interpretations of why feminists said the song shouldn't be played anymore or the interpretations of those who heard that feminists said it, I wouldn't have posted the song. I've always liked the song and think radio play should ignore such silly directives. That's all. Please try to relax, people.
  11. I just thought of another 1969 movie. It's called John and Mary and it was a starring vehicle for Dustin Hoffman at that time when his career was exploding. But it is kind of an in-betweeny movie, a small one sandwiched between his big ones.
  12. Quentin's films are not for the squeamish. People who want to watch old Hollywood fare from the golden age are probably best to limit themselves to watching TCM and eschewing R rated movies like what Tarantino provides.
  13. I liked Looking for Mister Goodbar. The main character played by Diane Keaton had a strong, if edgy, personality. I liked that. It's actually my favorite Keaton performance.
  14. Dances with Wolves. Nice scenery. Ridiculous movie.
  15. I watched Birdman of Alcatraz last night. I love Burt Lancaster usually but there's something about him in this that just feels wrong. I guess because he's playing a true-life criminal.
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