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  1. Follow-up question: When you say the movie plays, is it on "Watch TCM", or an on-demand option from your provider (YTTV)?
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did follow that "link" procedure 5 times already. I only received one reply (seemingly from an irresponsible party) who really did not read my issue, and sent me a generic/template reply. It seems there's a gap with addressing technical TCM issues. As you have no way to contact someone directly, and no way to escalate a mishandled problem. Not good.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! So it sounds like a common denominator may be that its working for streaming customers, but not cable customers. Weird. I know the problem isn't on my end as every other movie (except this one) plays.
  4. Can someone please urgently fix this movie at TCM so it loads and plays!? I checked with 2 other close friends on 2 different cable systems (Frontier FiOS in Tampa and Charter Spectrum in St. Louis). It doesn't load on either service or on 4 different types of Roku and Fire devices. The problem is on the TCM side. I have sent in 5 emails asking for help and no one has done anything. I got one ridiculous reply to my case (34575), telling me Watch TCM doesn't work on Firestick devices (huh?), and telling me how to reboot a Roku (!!??). HELP! Thank you.
  5. Looks like the Roku issue has been resolved. Checked both my 4K Rokus this morning and they are now again able to use the Watch TCM app. Fantastic!
  6. Yes, I'm having the same problem for about a week now., and I think I've diagnosed the problem. I have 5 different Roku TVs/Devices and 2 of them are 4K capable. The 2 newer 4K units suddenly stopped working about a week ago with the exact same problem you described. My older 1080 only Rokus are all still working fine. Must have been some change /update on the TCM side, and now their system doesn't recognize/work with Roku 4K devices (or at least some subset of the devices). Can someone from TCM please respond and fix the issue urgently! Thank you.
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