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  1. Well Brad, since you feel it neccesary to speak for TCM, yes I do expect a response and I think I'm owed one. Am I not a customer? I am supposed to just sit there and accept crappy service? You can all you want to. If I had let the bad sync continue for that long at MY job, I'd be fired. And it is not my cable provider. I have been through this many, many, many times. And, despite my better judgement, I also know that every time I post on the board about a problem, I always get blasted from TCM suckups who always tell me its NOT TCM's FAULT, even though they have no proof or aut
  2. The problem was corrected sometime during "Dream Wife", I can't say exactly when because I shut it off after the beginning. Actually, TMCWebAdmin, I'm pretty convinced it was a TCM problem, or at least a problem somewhere between where the signal leaves your source, to where it arrives in Toronto. Thanks for the stock reply though. The problem started at exactly 10:40am, after the end of "Mr. Lucky", the video showed the 31 Days of Oscar promo, but the audio was for "coming up next on TCM". After that, everything went to heck. I find it hard to believe that my cable provider is r
  3. Update: "Dream Wife" (1pm PST) just started and now the audio is out of sync by 2 seconds fast. Hello? Anyone home?
  4. Hey TCMpeoples...your audio feed went out of sync by 2 seconds at the start of "Crisis" at 11am (PST) in Canada. Now it's out by 30 seconds. Feel like fixing it anytime soon?
  5. Wow! Thanks lz for letting me know that TCM still run classic movies, in prime time no less! This is amazing! One week of decent programming makes up for a whole month, surely! TCM ROX!!!!!!!
  6. What's really interesting to me is what's behind the mandatory digital conversion: the Feds and their anti-copying law. As we all know, they know absolutely zilch about the digital medium, and they break out in hives at the mere thought of people legally taping movies for their own personal use. The digital signal can be easily encoded to carry an anti-copying code, that the analog signal cannot. This means computers, DVD recorders or anything that can capture A/V digitally will be useless. They never wanted to give us the VCR or the Tivo, or any of those things. You'll have to just wa
  7. Are you nuts? Hello? No sleazy modern movies? What do you call Russ Meyer films? "Faster Pussycat" is exactly the kind of thing I mean, airing this Friday. It didn't take long to go from harmless fun b-movies to pseudo-porn. That's what I'm talking about. And seeing those promos for that movie should not be running during all hours of the day! Since the movies are not appropriate to show during regular hours, they should not be advertised during regular hours. And they are HEAVILY advertised. That's obviously TCM pushing their agenda to hook younger viewers on sleaze. I don't ca
  8. Rob Zombie is a goofball and doesn't belong on TCM. I barely think Ben M. should be in the building, let alone RZ. But, also the only reason they brought him in was to push their sleazy modern movie agenda that they talked about this time last year, which am I also opposed to. It's the agenda of the exec's at the top of the TCM chain...it's not just who hosts the program - the hosts are just the messengers...do you actually think the hosts program the movies? Yeah, right.
  9. I guess Elvira was busy.
  10. TCM is truly going underground. Those are excellent ideas, there Fred on getting teens truly interested in TCM. I would also add to those ideas that if TCM really want the yoots of America to start tuning in, then might I suggest saving the thousands of dollars it will cost to produce these stupid pilots and instead, produce a 30 second commercial of teens talking about how cool old movies are ("Old is the New New") and buy airtime on the shows that the teens are watching like Veronica Mars, The OC, Smallville, etc. Or place ads in Teebeat, or whatever the hell they read nowadays...as
  11. You're welcome...if anyone else wants to hear a streaming version of the whole song, check out: http://www.mymorningjacket.com/itstillmoves.html
  12. I'm torn about this. I was happy here on the West Coast that I didn't have to stay up extra late to catch movies, and now I have to adjust my sleeping schedule.. I wonder how much of it is due to the fact the PT schedule took FOREVER to be posted at the beginning of the year, so now they don't have to do fancy time conversions anymore (and neither do we, thank goodness). It will be nice to have one scheduled time for everything, I guess...except for the Mountain Time people - more math! YAY! Now if they can only figure a way to make promos for movies that are running in CANADA as
  13. If you mean the country song with the railroad images, it's "Golden" by My Morning Jacket.
  14. So?until they hire me?.I have no right to complain? Like slaves should be happy they only got a clip on the head instead of a severe flogging? We are the customers. If I went to grocery store, bought some cheese, got home and it turned out to be expired and moldy?you're saying I don?t have a right to take it back to the store and complain, and demand they do a better job? I guess if I want things to change, I have to own the grocery store, right? Don?t be an idiot.
  15. Well, I gave up coming back to the this board after being disgusted by the fanboys and fangirls who LOVE everything TCM does and finds some way to justify it. Kudos to Fred for starting a reason to come back because it cannot be said enough, and for all of you out there who are tired of us bitching about stuff (just because we can never be satisfied, you know)?.TOUGH. Go read another thread. Count me among those who are angry. We watch TCM. We don?t just view it, like the rest of you who can?t see the problems. We?ve been burned too many times by corporations who cave in to stupid
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