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  1. What is going on here? I always take Halloween week off from work to watch all the schlock and now this? Well, at least I've got a bookcase full of DVDs. I am so happy to hear you say that Janet0312. I also take Halloween week off (two weeks the last couple years), and have used TCM's schedule as a listing to work around for other movies and Halloween reading. It's nice to hear from a kindred soul!
  2. I should point out that when I was talking about providing slasher franchise fodder, I was, of course, talking about AMC, not TCM.
  3. Also, you appear to assume a majority or TCM fans support this type of themed based programming going on for two-weeks of the month; Based no feedback at this forum I would say no; I.e. most feel that two-weeks is too-much. (just like they do for other holidays, as well as February, Oscar month). Note that I'm a TCM Insider and TCM will survey us about this. Sadly I don't know what the results are. JamesJazzGuitar - I will note that you are a TCM Insider, which obviously makes you more important than those of us who just enjoy watching the movies. And I think ta
  4. Strictly speaking, TCM has been very consistent in their October programming for at least the past three years. In general TCM dedicates 2 prime-time periods each week plus a full day on Halloween for horror films during this month. One of the two prime-time periods each week is given to a "Monster of the Month," with a 2nd prime-time and rest of the evening given to various horror-related themes. Here is a summary: 2017 prime-time Sundays - Monster of the Month: Dracula Tuesday evenings - Classic Horror Halloween - horror films all day 2018 prime-time Sundays - Monster of
  5. Forgive me TopBilled, but this is very similar to what happened years ago, with AMC. I remember posting that they had begun to fill their Halloween schedule with the big horror franchises ('Halloween', 'Friday the 13th' and 'Nightmare on Elm Street', and a couple of the key posters started commenting that they really enjoyed these movies, and there were still a couple of the older classics being aired. I enjoy having horror movies occasionally during the year, and TMC has always done that. The only difference in their scheduling this year, is the decrease in time allotted to horror mov
  6. I have been a fan of TCM for quite a while, and will continue to be. But I am incredibly disappointed in what is being provided for a Halloween schedule. In the past there would be several days set aside, leading up to Halloween, where TCM would focus on the great horror movies of the past, in a marathon format. As I watched the schedule unfold for the line up this October, I couldn't believe that TCM seems to be losing their interest in celebrating the Halloween holiday. So many other stations will be running marathons of horror TV specials and movies for a week, two, even, in the case of
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