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  1. The movies she chooses are dreadful and dismal. Never heard of half the pictures she picks and with subtitles, yet! The only thing she wears is orange and black. What is Ben or TCM thinking of in having this woman be a host on The Essentials? I will skip TCM on Saturday night except for Film Noir with Eddie.................................
  2. It's not so much about bashing new films, it's the quality of pictures that are being put out into the market. Being an old movie buff, I like to forget my troubles for the time the picture is on; today's picture when you leave the theater you need a pill to get over what you've seen. Silly pixs with no type of story, violence, sex and superhero flicks, I can do without. The last time I went to the theater was "The Terminal Man" and that was quite awhile ago. Updated movies I have seen on HBO and most I'm glad I didn't pay and since I know my taste of movies I brought some on DVD.
  3. I love both James Cagney and Bette Davis. He is my favorite actor and she is my favorite actress. In essence they both had great careers. Both fought with Jack Warner to make better pictures which is the reason they were in the dog house many times. Either way it paid off for the better pictures that they were both apart of at Warner Brothers and when they moved on their own. However, Warner Brothers made good pictures as well; can't take that way from Jack or his brothers,
  4. I just joined and see people only views and no replies. This is a forum for old movie buffs to interact as well as people who loves movies. Let's start talking instead of lurking. You go on a soap opera boards and people are chatting all the time. TCM should be the same. I would love to meet a person who loves and appreciate the old movie era. Been a buff for decades and very knowledgeable. Let's start talking.
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