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  1. I've noted this in most of the new films.... It's a MUD spectrum of grays and browns with all the real color desaturated. They might as well just film in B&W. I love B&W because of the crisp image but these mud films are just plain BORING to look at. If I want to see mud, I can wait til spring and look out a window.
  2. The website continues to plunge. Took a solid week into the new month to update the Silent Sunday page (a photo and links to the already existing film notes pages). Two of the films have three links each to the same page. How hard is it to change the photo and add links? The text on the page is mostly about Stewart and does not change from month to month. Last month, the link to one of the four films listed didn't even work!. Anyone with basic computer skills could do this maintenance. Just sayin' ...
  3. RIP Some of my all-time favorite films THE LAST PICTURE SHOW WHAT'S UP DOC PAPER MOON
  4. Love Kay Francis .... but why is she STOM again?
  5. Maintenance/Updates gets slower and slower..... Silent Sunday night page still not updated from December.
  6. Wonder if TCM will edit its "in memoriam" video to include this legend .... yes she made a few films
  7. The last of the GOLDEN GIRLS......
  8. That said, I was surprised not to have so much of a problem with Nina Arianda as Vivian Vance or J.K. Simmons as William Frawley. They captured the spirit of the originals. Even Javier Bardem at least captured the spirit of Desi Arnaz although he didn't look anything like him and apparently didn't even try. Kidman wore the Lucy drag but her plastic surgery made it impossible to emulate Lucille Ball's famous facial expressions (and didn't bother to try). She came across more like Joan Crawford or Bette Davis (and I love them both) in Lucy drag but playing the ****y versions of themselves
  9. Kidman is to Ball as Zellweger is to Garland. Two astonishingly bad impersonations in weak biopics, but don't be surprised if Kidman also wins an Oscar.
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