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  1. Later on in the film they substitute a carrot for the stogie..... Truly of the thousands and thousands of films I've seen, this is one of the very worst.
  2. They didn't know much in the 1940s...... LOL Still a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE film IMO
  3. Capone is not crazy..... in the usual sense.... He has brain damage from syphilis and dementia and then he has a stroke.
  4. Yes but even so ... we needed SUB TITLES
  5. This one is so horrible you can't understand half of what he says.... They run an English subtitle when he speaks Italian but after he's a strokes etc, you can't understand what he says. It concentrates on his last year of life....
  6. Now streaming.... one of the WORST movies I've ever seen! Has anyone else seen it?
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/11/obituaries/jerry-stiller-seinfeld-dead.html Mr. Stiller also appeared in 15 Broadway productions between 1954 and 1997. His best film may have been The Ritz with Rita Moreno, Jack Weston, Kaye Ballard, and F. Murray Abraham.
  8. GOING HOLLYWOOD (1933) a surreal musical starring Marion Davies and Bing Crosby. Terrific songs by Crosby and a catfight between Davies and Fifi D'Orsay. Then there's that barnyard dance by Davies. Great stuff.
  9. The final revenge was that the film was a massive bomb at the B.O.
  10. And here's another that went to Norma Shearer
  11. Here's another one. Jack Warner bought this Broadway play specifically for Marion Davies but Claudette Colbert got the project.
  12. Hearst is mentioned once; Marion Davies is not mentioned at all.
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