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  1. SEND IN THE CLOWNS won the Grammy Award for "Song of the Year" but Judy Collins did not win (she was nominated) for her hit version.
  2. Sondheim wrote musicals for adults, not the mindless crap that's taken over Broadway and aimed at the Disney crowd.
  3. Jeez get a sense of humor and read the TCM synopsis..... sheesh
  4. Wasn't Kay Francis already Star of the Month?
  5. Actually, there was a 1920 song called AVALON that was a big hit and was sung by Dorothy Provine in the "Roaring Twenties" TV series. Avalon is the name of the island's big town.
  6. Wow.... adultery and incest too!
  7. Catalina was a popular location for movie making. Aside from the town of Avalon, the island still had a lot of undeveloped land even in the 1930s.
  8. People always wondered why the Hardy family died out...... Now we know.
  9. You never know what goes on behind closed doors ... or on an island getaway....
  10. completely rotten film
  11. Unfortunately the list has become, over the last several years, a slog of PC and corporate tie-in entries. The board that votes on this is made up of industry insiders. The actual meetings are top secret (that tells you a lot right there) and although they ask for the public to vote for films to be inducted, I doubt these votes are seriously considered. Ultimately, the lists are about exclusion as much as they are about inclusion.
  12. Terrible cover art.... and who might the three women be? No film credits on the front cover? The stars are Pauline Frederick, May McAvoy, and Marie Prevost.
  13. Another question is where are the hundreds of old cement slabs with stars' imprints stored away? The ones in the courtyard now are only a handful of all the slabs made. I assume if the Chinese Theater is torn down for apartments (or whatever) the courtyard will be gone also.... Why weren't any of the slabs incorporated into the new Academy Film Museum?
  14. Tearing down Grauman's Chinese Theater? Is this for real? https://www.hollywoodheritage.org/...
  15. Even in the Guest Actor category, SEINFELD was hysterically underrated. Only six actors ever got nominated and none of them won: Lloyd Bridges as Izzy Jerry Stiller as Frank Larry Thomas as the Soup Nazi Marlee Matlin as the tennis linesman Judge Reinhold as the close talker Bill Erwin as the Old Man Other notable characters like Philip Baker Hall as the library cop, Elmarie Wendel as the Three Stooges actress, Megan Cole as the germophobe, Charles Levin as the mohel, Mark Metcalf as the Maestro, etc never got recognized. And while Jerry Seinfeld and Jas
  16. Yes I think that's true. I guess that's so the voters don't have to watch whole shows or seasons....
  17. My guess is that many of the "again?" Emmy awards are based on who's who rather than the merit of the show. Just like high school, there are little cliques of off-camera folks who are "in" and win all the awards. You might win a grudging nomination, but you ain't gonna win. I assume the repetitive favoritism continues but I don't follow most of these awards any more....
  18. SEINFELD should certainly have won for best series more than once. 92 lost to MURPHY BROWN 93 WINNER 94 lost to FRASIER 95 lost to FRASIER 96 lost to FRASIER 97 lost to FRASIER 98 lost to FRASIER also worth noting that CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM has never won for best comedy series.
  19. Mort Sahl once quipped that he was actually a very likable guy who made ex-friends easily. LOL
  20. A comic genius. In his heyday he'd walk out onto a stage with a newspaper and riff on what he read: politics, religion, sex, Hollywood, whatever. It was all fair game. Not as jokey as Jackie Mason or Bob Newhart. He eventually rubbed everyone the wrong way and was proud of it.
  21. Hitchcock wanted to call the film THE MAN IN LINCOLN'S NOSE.... but I think he may have been kidding.
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