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  1. Still won't let me post images..... IMDb pro says SUNSET BOULEVARD went into turnaround October 6. So it's officially dead in the water just like Joe Gillis. Here's a screenshot [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/HxX9dcXw/SUNSET.jpg[/img][/url]
  2. Yes... just saying the film is in pre-production with Caine and Jackson attached. It may never get made or it may get made with other actors, but at least Caine's intention was to keep working at some point. These films listed as being in pre-production often never get made. After all this category still includes Glenn Close in SUNSET BOULEVARD and Barbra Streisand in GYPSY and Warren Beatty in a DICK TRACY project.
  3. Uh .... then why is he attached to star with Glenda Jackson in THE GREAT ESCAPER?
  4. Looks like the Marion Davies classic comedy THE PATSY is scheduled for November 8 in the wee hours. No idea if this is a SILENT SUNDAY airing since it's listed as starting at 12;15 AM
  5. This Marion Davies mega-hit is now streaming on the TCM hub at HBO Max but it's not listed on TCM's own watch it now service. Interesting. The film is also set to premiere on TCM at midnight on December 26 Silent Sunday Night according to the December schedule. https://www.moviecollectoroh.com/nightly/sched-new.htm
  6. One of the biggest hits of 1923. DEC 26 MIDNIGHT TCM PREMIERE 12:00 AM Little Old New York (1923) An Irish girl comes to America disguised as a boy to claim a fortune left to her brother who has died. Dir: Sidney Olcott Actors: Marion Davies,Stephen Carr,J. M. Kerrigan Runtime: 138 mins .. Genre: Adaptation .. Rating: TV-PG .. CC: null
  7. As I said before, Cantone had a whole comedy stand up bit built around the song in the THE BIRDS. He's apparently still obsessed with it. Or maybe he's just doing his old act....
  8. I saw him do a bit on the kids' song from the THE BIRDS years ago. I guess that's his connection to "horror."
  9. I liked it better when they posted schedules a few months in advance....
  10. Nope. Just a note that it'll be available soon.... Looks interesting.
  11. 13 WASHINGTON SQUARE (1928) Presented in a 4K restoration from Universal Pictures, 13 Washington Square is a romantic comedy in which a meddling aristocratic mother tries to stop her son from eloping with a grocer’s daughter. So Mrs. De Peyster (Alice Joyce) dons a working class disguise and goes on a mission with her maid (an uproarious Zasu Pitts) to track down the lovers and block their illicit vows. But instead she crosses paths with a charismatic thief named Pyecroft (Jean Hersholt) who has plans to rob De Peyster’s home. All of them end up at her home on 13 Washington Square where t
  12. They only made 2 films together. Neither one was great.
  13. Grapevine will soon issue OUT YONDER, a 1919 film starring Olive Thomas as the daughter of a lighthouse keeper. New restoration from a Dutch print of the American film.
  14. I guess we have other movie theme delights to look forward to as programming bundles like SWEEPING FLOORS and RIDING AN ESCALATOR and let's not forget CARRYING A GROCERY BAG! Honestly these kinds of "bundles" make absolutely no sense to me. What's the point? Cute only goes so far.
  15. Roller Boogie? Really?
  16. Spotlight: The Greatest Stories Ever Rolled..... gimme a break
  17. The new logo intro thing for Silent Sunday Nights is hideous. From what I can tell it features a 1 second shot of Lon Chaney as a clown, a two picture shot of Nazimova and Valentino, and the train from THE GENERAL. There's also some dumb squiggles. That's it. Also a theme tune with about 5 notes in it and some clapping sounds from a ho-down. 11 seconds. I wonder what they paid for this????
  18. and look for the ultra rare STRAIGHT IS THE WAY (1921) coming from Grapevine. This is his latest Kickstarter project. Stars Matt Moore and Gladys Leslie in a heart-warming story about crooks and a Ouija board in small-town New Hampshire.
  19. Actually, his Marion Davies restorations are also available thru Grapevine: GETTING MARY MARRIED, ENCHANTMENT, THE RESTLESS SEX, and the double feature APRIL FOLLY / BURIED TREASURE are on DVD and Blu-ray formats. And his restorations of BEAUTY'S WORTH, THE BRIDE'S PLAY and LITTLE OLD NEW YORK are available on DVD thru Undercrank Productions along with Ben Model's restoration of WHEN KNIGHTHOOD WAS IN FLOWER. https://undercrankproductions.com/ ZANDER THE GREAT (1925), which Lorusso restored and Kickstarted this year will be coming out on DVD thru Undercrank in the new few months
  20. Grapevine is still turning out rare silent films on DVD and Blu-ray. Most recent is a double feature of films starring Marie Doro and Elliott Dexter. The films are LOST AND WON and CASTLES FOR TWO, both 1917. The films were restored by Ed Lorusso and Joe Harvat and funded by a Kickstarter campaign. https://www.grapevinevideo.com/ Lorusso also Kickstarted the Viola Dana films THE INNOCENCE OF RUTH and THE COSSACK WHIP which are also available thru Grapevine. He also issued DINTY (1920) which features Colleen Moore in an early film, Bebe Daniels in DUCKS AND DRAKES (1921), and ON DANG
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