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  1. Body Double is her film i liked the most as she was part of the film and not a star yet. Unfortunately i can't really say i like her childish voice, never liked it,she inherited it from her mother Tippi Hedren ,it sounds a little like her,I watched Night Moves last week and the print was corrected,i watched it on tv many years ago and you could see a big boom microphone following every word the 2 actors were saying ,i remember it was in a small room in the movie, Griffith was having an affair with Warren Beatty while she was in the movie or just before, she was 15 or 16!!
  2. The Southerner . He displayed his range,Zachary Scott gave a great performance,beautiful film.
  3. Yikes ! not first run thank god ,Iwatched it on tv many years ago,terrible and entirely filmed in Montreal in January before climate changes.So it was very cold.
  4. Gable knew about Judy Lewis for sure but a son was important for him and Gable did not need to rape any woman. He was the Brad Pitt of his era. Women were throwing themselves at him,he prefered waitresses and secretaries by the way. He had an on-off sexual relationship with Crawford for about 10 years,no he did not need to rape Loretta Young.. About Mitchum I do not know the $50 thing Eddie was talking about but i have read in a few books when Loretta Young was explaining the 'rates' for the fines in the jar Mitchum yelled to her 'how much do you charge for a F$$$$ ?! I guess Eddie censor
  5. https://www.google.ca/www.washingtonpost.com%2Fopinionsmerrick-garland-is-wrong-man-job good article by Jennifer Rubin from june 23 MERRICK GARLAND IS THE WRONG MAN FOR THE JOB
  6. I have seen the film first run in 84 or 85,what is the difference? unfortunately i do not remember much of the film shown at the time,i watched the ending on TCM a few months ago.Is there many changes? Ithought the brothers did the film as they wanted it to be...
  7. The really rotten movies started with Kissin' Cousins in 1964. King Creole,Flaming Star,Follow that dream(-i have seen it as very young kidin 62 or63 at a matinée) were the ones i think were standing out,Loving You has a good cast with Lizabeth Scott. In a way Lennon was right :Elvis died in the army...
  8. He was gracious to her,he had a better opinion of her when the movie was finished.He said she was a Professional Amateur !
  9. Hibi i just received the books in the last week i was inquiring about the George Brent one if you have read it let me know what you think of it?
  10. Check the PBS stations in your area several of them are showing the new remastered version, it is like 20 hours total but worth every minute of it,a classic as great as The Civil War.
  11. The owner Charles Comiskey was a very mean and greedy man,the White Sox were the Black Sox before the scandal.Comiskey decided to charge the players for the cleaning of their uniforms,the players decided to play with a dirty uniforms for a long time earning the knickname Black Sox , Comiskey finally conceded but screwed the players by charging them back the fees and deducting from their earnings bonus of the World Series of 1917.Severalplayers did not asked for their bribe money in advance, i have seen the film many years ago.Y ou should watch the Baseball documentary by Ken Burns.
  12. I made a big order of hard cover books for my collection and for the next 2 months-i guess-.I bought bios on Barbara Lamarr Mae Murray John Gilbert(i have Dark Star already),directors Thomas Ince, William Wyler a more recent one,Clarence Brown,the Vitagraph film studio and...George Brent , hey Hibi do you have this one ? I have read all the Agatha Christie's many years ago and everything by Conan Doyle,I do not have the time for fiction i prefer bios and movie books,in another life i will read McFarland's baseball books,they also publish the best movie books in the world.
  13. Actress Pilar Bardem died on july 17, Actress and daughter of Spanish director,mother of Javier.She was 82. https://www.google.ca/javier-bardem-mother-pilar-bardem-dead-obituary-
  14. Actress Renée Dorléac aka René Simonot dies at 109 on july 11th.She was the mother of Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Dorléac (died in 1967). https://www.google.cawww.midilibre.frrenee-dorleac-mere-de-catherine-deneuve-est-morte-a-lage-de-109-ans-
  15. Bette Davis suffered so much in her early days,no wonder she dished dirt on everybody when she was on top. At Universal Pictures, she was dismissed , for lack of sex appeal. “I can’t imagine any guy giving her a tumble,” pronounced Carl (“Junior”) Laemmle, 23-year-old Hollywood producer. MichaelCurtiz said she was sexless..-when producer Darryl F. Zanuck urged Michael Curtiz to cast Bette Davis as Madge Norwood, the director responded, "Are you kidding? Who would want to go to bed with her?"[1] Angry that he was forced to use her against his will, Curtiz fumed throughout the shoot, loudly de
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