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  1. The Swarm is now heading North By NorthWest...
  2. Another Time Another Place 1958 UK Kaydor Productions- Paramount. Directed by Lewis Allen . Lana Turner Barry Sullivan Glynis Johns and 'introducing ' Sean Connery (not true he made 4 or 5 films before). Melodrama with a hard to believe story line, filmed in England with a complete British cast except for the two leads. This film was never presented on TCM. Released in the UK at 98 minutes,USA 91 , I have seen the 91 minutes one. 6/10
  3. Pillow of Death 1945 Universal. Directed by Wallace Fox . Lon Chaney Jr Brenda Joyce. Another low budget B movie,a mystery thriller.Chaney is a lawyer whose wife have been murdered,of course he is heavily suspected,until 2 more murders are made.(I would not hire him as a lawyer).There is a psychic ,a medium,a stupid investigator etc. Brenda Joyce was an attractice actress. Excellent print 66 minutes 6/10.
  4. Paratrooper aka The Red Beret UK 1953.Warwick (Albert Broccoli )produ. distr by Columbia. Directed by Terence Young.Alan Ladd Leo Genn. Ladd is a Canadian with a past,enlisting in the paratroopers.Director Young was a former paratrooper, Broccoli's first independant production. One scene was later repeated in one of Terence Young's James Bond films. A very average film for Ladd,the same year he did Shane. 88 minutes 6/10
  5. Calling Dr Death.1943 Universal. Directed by Reginald Le Borg. Lon Chaney Jr Patricia Morison J. Carrol Naish and Ramsay Ames as Chaney's wife.Well another role for Chaney where is character is again full of guilt a la Larry Talbot (the Wolfman's alter ego).It is a 'mystery' with no suspense and a very small budget. We hear Chaney's thoughts during the whole movie... fortunately Lon did not hear my thoughts while I was watching this film. I was surprised by the beauty of Ramsey Ames I did not know her but after I realized I had seen her in bit parts-very small ones but this will give an
  6. The Mongols 1961 Italy .Royal Film . Directed by André De Toth. Jack Palance Anita Ekberg Antonella Lualdi. The son of Genghis Khan does not want a truce between Poland and Mongolia around the 12 or 13th century. So he creates conflicts despite his father warnings. In 1961 Palance made 4 films in Italy-this is one of them. A different type of swords & sandals so popular in Italy then.Palance is overacting so much it is funny to look at.Ekberg is part of the scenery. It was released in the USA five years later in 1966 at 105 minutes,the print i just seen was the complete 115 minutes one.
  7. Summer Storm 1944 Universal .Directed by Douglas Sirk. George Sanders Linda Darnell.Based on a story by Chekov (the shooting party) set in Russia 1917 pre-revolution. Sanders is a cad (what else!) and Darnell is a conniving peasant girl who wants money and standing. Good film. 106 minutes 7/10
  8. James Bernard was my favorite in horror films.
  9. I',am happy you mentionned it,Iwas going to do the same.If I remember well Patricia Medina looked fantastic,she did not do many films after, she did not get many great vehicles she was a stunning woman.She was once married to actor Richard Greene,well both were fantastic looking.
  10. The Human Voice 1966 a 50 minutes film for UK tv. From a play by Jean Cocteau .Directed by Ted Kotcheff produced by Lars Schmidt. Ingrid Bergman is riveting in this monologue performance of a heartbroken woman on the phone with her former lover. To me it is the absolute acting performance by Bergman. It was redone this year by Pedro Almendovar and in 2014 with Sophia Loren directed by her son (it was showed on TCM) .I hope TCM will do the extra mile to get and show this fantastic performance,there is some empty spots in the schedule it would be a gift for her fans and a great film to add
  11. When she was doing her walks with a friend she was code-naming the fans as 'customers' to her friend because she knew she was spotted then.
  12. Greta Garbo : A Life Apart - By Karen Swenson (1997) is very good,the one by Barry Paris is good also but older.
  13. I have seen it first run then and did not like it either,the film was a stiff anyway at the box office and deserved it.
  14. Ronnie Tutt drummer,of natural causes on October 16, he was 83. https://www.rollingstone.comronnie-tutt-drummer-elvis-presley-jerry-garcia-band-billy-joel-dead-obit-
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