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  1. Becky Sharp 1935 directed by Rouben Mamoulian With Miriam Hopkins Frances Dee Nigel Bruce Billie Burke Cedric Hardwicke Alan Mowbray.Made by Pioneer Pictures distributed by RKO.Set in early 1800's England during the Napoleonic wars good comedy drama main feature are the beautiful pastels as it is the first film made in 3 strip Technicolor. Frances Dee in Technicolor is quite something but Alan Mowbray as a romantic interest is quite unusual i have seen him in many films but not in this type of role..anyway I have never seen this film on TCM and it was not featured on her Star of
  2. Carnival Story was a premiere several months ago. So you are right!
  3. A thread should be done on Hemingway the Ken Burns documentary was very good as usual.I was a bit disappointed that it all ended with a bang....more info on the family or on his exes would have been interesting.His son Gregory got operated to become a woman in 1995 and everything got complicated. Mary Welsh was the best looking wife of the 4 imo.She had a firm trim body all her life,i find her very attractive and sexy.Hemingway should have considered himself very lucky to have such a quality woman as a wife.He was too drunk most of the time to appreciate her i guess..Hemingway pursued Slim Kei
  4. You've got the brain of a four year old. I'll bet he was glad to get rid of it. Groucho Marx
  5. THE ANGEL WITH THE TRUMPET 1950 by Anthony Bushell with Eileen Herlie Maria Schell Basil Sydney Oskar Werner Set in 1880's Austria ,this is the 50 years saga of an Austrian family,interesting film but Basil Sydney is totally miscast,good acting.The uncredited narrator is Jack Hawkins with his unmistakable voice I do not know if this movie was ever shown on TCM.. 6.5/10
  6. The Long Dark Hall 1951 directed by Reginald Beck & Anthony Bushell. with Rex Harrison Lilli Palmer Anthony Dawson .Screenplay by Nunnally Johnson,.A crime drama developped by Universal for Eddie Robinson then it was sold to a UK producer.An ok movie but what is quite surprising is the subject : an unfaithful husband is the last person to have seen his murdered mistress.On the heels of Carole Landis's suicide....in 1948.Palmer was married to Rex in real life she also went to the funeral with Harrison.Just before Harrison had made only 1 film Unfaithfully Yours with Preston Sturges and it
  7. I have the same dilemna since i have seen it first run...
  8. Bertrand Tavernier died today on the 25th of March.He was a very important French director .lemonde.fle-realisateur-bertrand-tavernier-est-mort_
  9. Robert Ryan was a boxing champion in College and won a championship title while he was in the Marines,It helped him a lot while filming Golden Gloves , his first major film.Nobody was buggIng Robert Ryan but he was a peaceful quiet man a real champ...
  10. Actor Yaphet Kotto died on March 15th. He was 81. variety.com yaphet-kotto-dead-dies-alien-bond-villain-
  11. hwww.nytimes.comFsally-grossman-dead Sally Grossman died on March 10th, she was on the cover of the classic Bob Dylan album' Bringing it all back home. She was the widow of Albert Grossman who managed Dylan many years.
  12. I do not know if they will be elected . Here are my choices: Carole King as a composer writer Kate Bush would be a long shot:she never toured and had a relative success in the USA but she is a worthwhile artist.Todd Rundgren is a good composer and a very good producer,since 1968.Iron Maiden should be inducted,formed in 1976,recording since 1980.Extremely influential band (Metallica among many others) they still have incredible success worldwide i.e. selling out soccer stadiums until the pandemic hit the world. Steve Harris the bass player and founding member is a very big influence on
  13. Christopher Lloyd looks like the twin brother of the deceased Motorhead's bass player Lemmy minus the long hair
  14. Caroline Cellier died of cancer in Paris on December 15th 2020. She was in many films including the very good L'Année des Méduses 1984 .She was the widow of French actor and playwright Jean Poiret.She was 75..https://www.lemonde.fl-actrice-caroline-cellier-est-morte_
  15. I do not see the name of Claude Chabrol here often.A great director and very prolific.I'am on a binge right now finishing his complete filmography with 7 to go all later period,i Had seen many before on the silver screen but i'am a completist... a real master
  16. A great actor he was a memorable Sherlock Holmes with another great James Mason as an intelligent Watson in Murder by Decree in 1978,i have seen it when first released.Plummer and Mason were a remarquable duo,he was great in many roles recently in Barrymore and in Remember with Martin Landau.
  17. I watched a rare showing of Le Dernier Tournant 1939 with Michel Simon & Fernand Gravey several months ago,it is the first filmed version of The Postman Always Rings Twice,it is very good and would be very interesting to show,TCM should be able to get it.
  18. The final judgement in 2011 .Amazing read. Sorry cannot insert the link just do www.people v spector
  19. French Actor &director Robert Hossein died on December 31, he turned 93 the day before.From pulmonary problems. Robert Hossein, acteur et metteur en scène de la démesure, est mort (lemonde.fr)
  20. A good article in rollingstone.com Inside Trump & Barr last minute killing spree. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/trump-barr-executions-
  21. Guitar player Bob Kulick died on May 28th from heart disease.He was the partner of actress Stella Stevens.In early 2015, she and partner Bob Kulick sold her longtime home in Beverly Hills. She is now in a long-term Alzheimer's care facility in Los Angeles and Kulick often visited her there until his death on May 28, 2020.He was mostly a session player with various performers like Kiss,Lou Reed.Meatloaf etc. htwww.foxnews.com%2Fentertainment%2Fbob-kulick-kiss-guitarist-dead
  22. Wanda Nevada from 1979 Peter directed,if i remember well his father had a very small role
  23. Bogie you are reviving souvenirs...Mountain was my 2nd attended rock concert.1st was 10 years after 2 months before.Mylon Lefevre was opening,this was on June 18th 1971 at Place des Nations in Montreal (former EXPO site) a summer under the stars serie for $2 a show .a great place open air,in summer 71 i saw also ELP,Humble Pie with Frampton (he quit soon after)Procol Harum.I did not care about Black Sabbath -even for $2!! I regret very much not going to the last show of the series in early september The Allman Brothers with Duane Allman... he died the following month-i did not know them as
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