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  1. From Wiki Freud: The Secret Passion was eventually released in the UK by Transition Digital Media in a 1.78:1 letter-boxed, non-anamorphic 4:3 format, on a Region 2 DVD edition on April 23, 2012,movie was shown on tv but several years ago.
  2. Letty Lynton here is from imdb 'Unofficially based on Edward Sheldon and Margaret Ayer Barnes play Dishonored Lady to such a great extent that a Federal court ruled on 17th January 1936 that the film could not be seen again unless Sheldon and Barnes are given credit,or until the copyright of the play runs out in 2050! More on wiki .I have a copy,not pristine,a good movie .My favorite George Hurrell photos of Joan Crawford are from the Letty sessions,i have a very large of this one in a frame museum quality matted etc
  3. the Sign of the Ram is considered Noir at several movie sites,it is different that's all.
  4. I agree but i still believe Lewis was outstanding,i watched the film another time recently
  5. I agree with you the problem with the GOP is not recent what i do not accept is the fact Trump is getting away with everything,when he got away with the sex tape in 2016,i knew he was going to win: no politician would have survived something like that,this is the difference now the GOP is letting loose a monster with no limits ,murdering their fellow countrymen ,this is unreal..how many more by november 3rd ?...
  6. I'm from Canada… you have in the USA a corrupt murderous administration, i always thought Trump wanted to be a dictator but this is getting out of control, the man is insane and very dangerous, Biden will have an incredible job just to put the country in shape,Trump destroyed everything Obama has done. The USA have a president thinking he is dictator for life, the complete Republican party must be eradicated as it is not the older one.They must be all voted out: Senators,judges,sheriffs,representatives etc Trump and his movement must disappear forever ,i could not believe what happened in Michigan with all these boneheads with assault rifles at the Governor's place, in my country they would have not set foot there.. the army would have been waiting for them,this is very dangerous behaviour especially when Trump asked to 'liberate' Michigan, Trump is a murderer period.
  7. i have 07/04/2020 22:08:22 TOTAL ESTIMATED U.S. COVID-19 DEATHS: 128,398 i have read somewhere if they started on the 9th instead of the 16th ,83% would have been saved..can you check the info ,i heard it from msnbc orcnn
  8. and if we stop going on the balance we will not gain weight...
  9. I have seen Tim Buckley in concert with Curtis Mayfield both opening for Frank Zappa and his Grand Wazoo Orchestra.Buckley was on his label Discreet if i remember well and he was also on his earlier label Straight.Itook photos of him as i made my way very close to the stage unfortunately my photos of the 3 acts were destroyed...
  10. I've always wanted to see it, but never had the chance. I don't know if TCM ever shows it. It's called The World's Greatest Sinner. Yes it was showned , the score was composed by Frank Zappa
  11. between 83 to the end Dennis Hopper wanted to be the american Michael Caine i.e. 5-6 movies a year....I have seen this movie first run because of the 12 years delay for the sequel and Tobe Hopper who made the first,it should have been a miss the first time,please include me out!!
  12. In the 90's nothing was available, there was a series of 2 on 1 cds from Europe,'gray area' done from clean lps they were good,the japanese did a lot of that too,you could hear crackles on some
  13. There is several regional accents in the Québec province which is normal,but overall the French in Québec is better then the one from France which Anglicised everything,it is incredible the English words in France now.. and i'am not talking about 'shopping' hélas...
  14. L'HOMME PRESSÉ 1977 by Edouard Molinaro .Alain Delon Mireille Darc.During the 70,s Delon made many-too many -movies ,the gems are MR KLEIN in 1976 and this one in 1977.It was remade in 2005 -with his son Anthony in the same role, and in 2018.I have not seen the 2 remakes.A very special film about the modern world,to be in a hurry all the time, the pleasure of a collector in reality is owning.Delon's character do not like to waste time,saying a pregnancy is too long,7 months should be enough as the baby is complete !! And i'am not mentioning anything about his lovemaking! A great film.8/10
  15. Procol Harum 'Toujours l'amour' from Grand Hotel i always liked it then, not the most important one on the album but i think it is very good.
  16. I saw them live 3 times in the early 70's.A very good band it was a good seller for them, a gold record i.e half a million units not as big as Frampton's though,you should listen to their follow up,a very good studio album titled 'Grand Hotel ' from 1973.Ther 1971 lp Broken Barricades is very good ,their last with Robin Trower on guitar.
  17. I watched it last night without any expectations,,I was pleasantly surprised,a very good film & good acting.
  18. IT ALWAYS RAINS ON SUNDAY 1947 by Roger Hamer with Googie Withers.Excellent drama about an escaped convict going back to see his former fiancée after many years,you root for the 2 protagonists,very good film,good cast.No violence.From Ealing Studios. 7/10
  19. LE COLONEL CHABERT 1994 by Yves Angelo with Gerard Depardieu Fanny Ardant Fabrice Luchini.From a story by Honoré de Balzac.Set in Paris 1817 a colonel assumed dead for many years comes back to meet his remarried wife.Very good drama. 7.5/10
  20. VIVA LA VIE 1984 by Claude Lelouch with Jean Louis Trintignant Michel Piccoli Charlotte Rampling Anouk Aimée.Great cast,i have seen about 15 films by Lelouch, a strange story line with sci-fi elements ,not for everybody. 6.5/10
  21. He wanted to be in Klute but Jane Fonda wanted Donald Sutherland but it was in 1971 After the stiff of Scarecrow in 1973 Hackman mainly concentrated on acting for money, turning down such films as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) and Network (1976) for roles in films like March or Die (1977) and Lucky Lady (1975) that offered him fatter paychecks.He was the first choice to play Dr. Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) he was also offered a chance to direct it. One of the lead roles in Network (1976)the lead role of Roy Neary in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)the leading role in Sorcerer (1977) that went to Roy Scheider,the role of Dr. Berger in Ordinary People (1980)) he said'I didn't turn it down, we couldn't make a deal.'Turned down the lead roles in Jaws (1975), and Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).
  22. Well we get the All American !!! 1 of the 2 films i have not seen by him,this the highlight for me!!! Thank you TCM
  23. Not Gene, for his first divorce maybe …. but paycheck was the incentive,you would never believe what he turned down...
  24. I' am a Gene Hackman completist -i'am missing only Banning-his swan song was his worst : MOOSEPORT (sorry i cannot insert the ' great' poster).He cashed his check and retired.Since Scarecrow was a stiff in 73,Hackman always selected his roles with the value of the paycheck coming with it,he passed on many good ones but no more art films for him as a result: a rich guy with many stinkers, unfortunately...
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