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  1. Guitar player Bob Kulick died on May 28th from heart disease.He was the partner of actress Stella Stevens.In early 2015, she and partner Bob Kulick sold her longtime home in Beverly Hills. She is now in a long-term Alzheimer's care facility in Los Angeles and Kulick often visited her there until his death on May 28, 2020.He was mostly a session player with various performers like Kiss,Lou Reed.Meatloaf etc.



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  2. On 12/24/2020 at 2:19 PM, Hibi said:

    Yes, Jane and Peter appeared together and Henry and Jane appeared together, but never all of them together. I just read Peter's memoirs a few months ago and Henry did a small part in some film Peter directed, but I'm not sure Peter was in it or they did scenes together. Maybe someone else would elaborate. I can't remember.

    Wanda Nevada from 1979 Peter directed,if i remember well his father had a very small role

  3. 2 hours ago, Bogie56 said:

    I managed to see Mountain in Toronto and was a fan but the band was superseded by others in fairly short order.  I was a fan of The James Gang as well.

    I had a group of friends and we used to each buy different groups which made it interesting.  And one friend had a vp of a Record label for a neighbour and he used to get about 10 albums in exchange for just a car wash.

    Bogie you are reviving souvenirs...Mountain was my 2nd attended rock concert.1st was 10 years after 2 months before.Mylon Lefevre was opening,this was on June 18th 1971  at Place des Nations in Montreal (former EXPO site) a summer under the stars serie for $2 a show .a great place open air,in summer 71 i saw  also ELP,Humble Pie with Frampton (he quit soon after)Procol Harum.I did not care about Black Sabbath -even for $2!! I regret very much not going to the last show of the series in early september  The Allman Brothers with Duane Allman... he died the following month-i did not know them as well as the others,i have never met anybody who was at the final show.Back to Mountain,i saw the 4 piece line-up with Knight on keyboards,they were supporting their real 2nd lp Nantucket Sleighride,the week after the Montreal show they played the Fillmore where the live side of their lp Flowers of Evil was recorded. Mountain were talented musicoans making 'intelligent noise' unlike Grand Funk Railroad & other less talented bands.Pappardi is playing the viola on Cream's White Room.He played many instruments ,  had a unique bass sound,Mountain was very loud no wonder he developed a severe earring problem.My only complain of him as a producer for Cream he should had let the boys loose at the end of Sunshine of love,Cream was a jamming band,too bad tapes were not done ,the limiting length of lps prevented the inclusion.Strangely enough Cream were the last shows  i have seen,in 2005 i went to NYC to catch their last 2 of 3 special concerts at MSG.I fullfilled an old dream as i was way too young when they originally split.Gail Collins shot Pappalardi,got only a few years in jail-i was very surprised then when I learned it .She did also all the lps artwork.


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  4. 2 hours ago, jakeem said:

    SO this the pool meeting he had at 7h30 am on his schedule(shown on tv yesterday, He also has calls to do..probably at Fox,Newsmax etc.A reporter guessed it right on MSNBC.

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  5. On 12/21/2020 at 9:46 PM, Bronxgirl48 said:

    There are also stories about Norma as well as Joan Crawford having a special....affection for little Jackie Cooper.

    After Irving Thalberg died,Norma Shearer was i would say a 'merry widow' for several years in a  competition with La Crawford it seemed, Well Bette Davis(i think) said the only male star Crawford was not involved at MGM was Lassie ! Lassie was a female though,Bette probably did not know this

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  6. About The Burglar  nobody mentionned the horrendous music score by Sol Kaplan it was way too loud and constant like in a serie z movie.  The editor was surely deaf and did not care about the dialogue, i found it very irritating ,Duryea was very good as always but giving him 35 was a bit  funny.

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  7. Pete Way influential hard rock bassist died on august 14th.

    Founding member of the UK group UFO was a major influence on Iron Maiden's bass player Steve Harris style and stage performance.Way died just ten weeks after his former UFO bandmate and guitarist Paul Chapman, and one year after keyboardist Paul Raymond,


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  8. 1 hour ago, LornaHansonForbes said:

    at the risk of thread derailment, I'm not entirely sure SIR MICHAEL would crack the top ten BOMBERS LIST.  TOP 10 HOES FOR THE DOUGH? GOD YES. But since 1999, he's gotten (at least) two Oscar nominations (and won once) and appeared in the NOLAN BATMAN TRILOGY, each entry of which I personally think suuuuuuuuucks, but they have RABID FANS.

    Well I,am a big fan of Sir Caine,i have seen more than a 100 of his films,in the 80's he was releasing at least 4 movies a year and my girlfriend hated him.... he made many bombs maybe not as much as Nick Cage who despite his Oscar is a movie star not an actor.I complete Michael Caine.

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  9. I watched The Girlhunters1963 directed by Roy Rowland with Mickey Spillane playing Mike Hammer,the writer playing his fictionnal character.Spillane was credited with some of the screenplay. A neo Noir a good effort featuring the sultry Shirley Eaton,one year before Goldfinger,in the movie she wears 5 different bikinis...my favorite Bond Girl with Luciana Paluzzi. 7/10, the bikinis are not rated.   I know it was not on Noir Alley but since Spillane was heavily featured  in the show


  10. I watched Fear 3 or 4 years ago on TCM. The print was in bad condition,i  I watched again to see if it was cleaned-up a bit..hélas no..The movie was cut to 28 minutes for tv in the fifties this explained probably the Motion Pictures for Television logo in the opening credits.I stopped watching and came back for the outro.Eddie could have mentionned the 40 minutes cut... the  'The End 'shot' did not survive the reconstructing surgery I guess.  Eddie should have done a double bill...


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  11. On 11/10/2020 at 11:34 PM, Vautrin said:

    A Rolling Stone critic's review of an early Heep album became somewhat notorious when the critic

    said she'd commit suicide if Heep made it. Of course she didn't. I have a few Heep albums from the

    early 1970s which was their most commercially successful time in the U.S. After that their U.S.

    sales went down rather quickly. 

    Uriah Heep are still active..Hensley left after the Conquest lp in 79-80,Mick Box is the only original member in the band,all the others foutding members are deadLee Kekslake died 2 months ago,they were very big in Germany and in Russia, Japan,still releasing stuff i heard.

  12. LA POISON 1951 By Sacha Guitry  with Michel Simon

    I'm a huge fan of Sacha Guitry,he was one of the greatest wits of the 20th century -he died in 1957.He was also an innovator in the movie world.In this film he does not act in it-a rarity but he is shown presenting the actors and the whole crew for several minutes at the beginning of the film with his usual hilarious comments.Story line is simple: an unhappy husband wants to murder his wife before she kills him.A great ending and sketches of young kids through the film showing some situations.Great acting by everybody.The Master's best film after the war. 8.5/10 


    Restored version.

    SIMON 2.jpg

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