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  1. I watched it again 2 weeks ago,a great film,it should play on TCM,i do not remember if it played here but it would make sense.
  2. Yes Body of Evidence is quite terrible...
  3. Wait till you see Dirty Grandpa,real crap,De Niro is making(already finished ?)a sequel to this super turkeyI have seen 95 films by De Niro,In the last 25 years he has made more than 60 films,maybe 5 were ok, the money is too good when you produce and act i presume,his career is very disappointing from my point of view.Ithink he paid himself 20 million$ for each sequel of Meet the Parents….
  4. Use the ignore option it is useful to avoid problematic posters...
  5. I like LFS ,i watched it a few times before.I will be the only one here to say this..Rita Hayworth looks extraordinary in the film,the blonde short hair,enhance her beauty,she is gorgeous.. my favorite Rita,as for Welles' Irish accent well,when i close my eyes he sounds like Peter Lorre sometimes,Lorre was German as you know, i will try again to see Errol Flynn at the bar(supposed to be there),no luck ,i will make a serious attempt tomorrow...
  6. Tina Louise!!! one of the sexiest woman of the 50's and after..You also had Claudia Cardinale in Montreal,wow i should hang around with you! all i had was Peter Boyle and Britt Ekland
  7. Kool & the Gang. I Remember my younger very rock'n'roll sister was dancing all the time at home to 2 of their early singles,one of them is Jungle Boogie,she played it so often i can sing it right now,she had a strong addiction to R&B but i never really had it,Jungle Boogie was 4-5 years before Celebration.At long last i finally liked them...
  8. I agree with what say,but i also think Bolton underestimated how corrupt the GOP is,He probably thought they would at least send a subpoena. Unless he knew how bad they are..anyway i bought his book yesterday,will read it soon,i was not supposed to buy it,I guess i have a Republican side i was not aware of !!!!
  9. MADAME HYDE by Serge Bozon 2017 aka Mrs Hyde Isabelle Huppert Romain Duris.Very good black-fantady comedy drama !!!! A demure, timid 'physics teacher named Géquil is mocked by her students and collegues.then something happened , changing her forver. Huppert is excellente as usual, 7.75/10
  10. McConnell was always forcing Obama to put the brakes on everything. you are too generous Bogie 56 i think Trump outplays Obama 5 to 1, heading to 200$ millions worth.But McConnell will succeedin his prediction with Trump what he wanted to do with Obama,make Trump a one term president...
  11. Mason was unsecure,accepting almost all the jobs offered starting int he mid 60's , his divorce with Pamela cost him an awful lot and she was not nice with him, she accused him of cheating while it was a know fact in Hollywood-she was always 'available',movie-wise it got better in the mid 70's, but he was not unique or the worst,i have read that Christopher Walken has NEVER turned down a role… i'am happy to not complete him,he does terrible junk
  12. James Mason said to Johnny Carson on the Tonight show his worst film was one Titled 'Kill' made in 1971 with Stephen Boyd,jean Seberg ,it was directed by Romain Gary,a famous writer(married then to Seberg).I'am a Mason completist, and Mason was right,it was his worst,i have seen the Tonight show then..and the film...
  13. nakano


    There was a great one in NYC' i think on Madison Ave maybe it was the Bombay Palace,i guess you do not like the colors of the sauces,i have 5 favorites cuisines and Indian is one of them..
  14. nakano


    A Dorothy Parker double bill: “I like to have a martini,Two at the very most.After three I'm under the table,after four I'm under my host.” And saying to the secretary of a studio head why the script was not ready: “Tell him I was too effing busy or vice versa...'
  15. nakano


    Because of England i love Indian food' a close friend in Newcastle was an expert in the Indian cuisine, he turned me into it in early 84,the Indian restaurants were a big success in the UK.A multitude of them all over the country in a few years..what did it for me was a weird sauce on a steak and green mint sauce on something else,I have been to the UK dozens of times viva Indian restaurants.
  16. This is why each vote will be important,Trump's base will be voting ,the Dems needs to get the vote out to make a decisive victory for Biden, whatever Barr or Trump will say,a decisive victory with a strong turn out will crush their fraud allegations.
  17. Steve Schmidt said a good one last night on MSNBC 'Trump last night made his Emptysburgh address'
  18. Trump will say there was an afternoon performance hence the split attendance
  19. There will be a firing squad
  20. What do you think i meant ? i do not have the time to explain to you what meant sorry...
  21. I totally agree with you, i prefer Demings by far to Harris, Rice is a great choice if Biden needs an Afro American,fine with me, Rice is really the very best choice
  22. yes he did & they helped him to get a solo record deal
  23. the first (1975 I think)with the then new line up, one of their 2 best records, of course the Fleetwood Mac line up of this lp was very different music wise the the late 60's with Peter Green their transition was done with Bob Welch for some records in the 70's
  24. DU RIFIFI CHEZ LES HOMMES AKA RIFIFI 1955 by Jules Dassin with Jean Servais,Carl Mohner, Magali Noel.Excellent heist film,Servais is great,Jules Dassin gave himself a role as one of the thieves & the lover of Magali Noel,i would have done the same...8.5/10
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