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  1. yes I know I had to watch the movie because I was a James Stewart's completist I have to see it again because I like Eleanor Powell now,if I remember well Stewart looked unease dancing unless it was me for him...
  2. Did not know him,cela a manqué à ma culture,very nice indeed,i will look for more on him,my préférence is still the British J.M.W. Turner,he was an influence on Sisley and many impressionists-earlier period.Turner and I share the same anniversaire mais pas la meme année.Vous etes tres ironique...
  3. i would like to see Jail Bait 1954 by Ed Wood on Noir Alley,Wood's attempt at Film Noir must be hysterical...
  4. bien sur mais il y était souvent not for the usual reasons cependant,try to get the Lautrec film from 1998 if not je vous l'enverrai it is very good, bonne journée la princesse qui tappe
  5. Bernard was a good friend of Toulouse Lautrec who was also a friend of Van Gogh,they all hang around the same places. Lautrec made many paintings in the houses of joy...
  6. What I like about the Hammer version is the fantastic score by the great James Bernard,he started doing the scores for Hammer 1 or 2 years before Dracula,but he really define his style with Dracula.Bernard uses drums,snares & cymbals, with speed metal violins,he is an heavy metal classical composer a bit like Wagner I would say even if my knowledge of Wagner's music is limited.Bernard made almost all the important Hammer movies-at least 20--sometime his score is scarier than what you see...I discovered his music as a teenager,i was watching a lot of Hammer movies on tv and noticed his powerful style,Bernard's music is an integral part of every film he scored ,The Dracula theme is noticeable since he scored several of the films.
  7. LAUTREC 1998 FRANCE 125 MINUTES by Roger Planchon with Régis Royer,Anémone, Claude Rich,Elsa Zylberstein.Anémone was nominated for best supporting actress at the Césars,2 wins for sets & costumes.Very good film about Henri de Toulouse Lautrec the great painter.Quite different than the 1952 Huston film,the brief scenes in the houses of pleasures are short but worth the Césars prizes just for these sequences.Also something I have never seen on film before or heard of, you see a couple of scenes where each waiter carry a huge cue card about 5 cards or 5 waiters makes the phrase 'Dancers must not forget to wear their 'trousers',funny.Probably in the early days of French Can Can.Good acting.8/10
  8. DARK CITY 1950 by William Dieterle. Finally watched it, a good crime-noir movie with a great cast: Charlton Heston in his film debut-leading role no less(he is excellent) Lizabeth Scott,Dean Jagger,Viveca Lindfors,Jack Webb ,Henry Morgan( not their Dragnet roles!) others.Whoever decided on Heston made a good bet (Wallis?) Also even if I have seen many of her movies I never thought Scott was really attractive-for me- but in this movie she wears a couple of times a strapless tight fitting dress to her advantage also I was surprised to hear the word 'psychopath' in a 1950 movie.7.5/10
  9. L.' OEIL DU MALIN 1962 by Claude Chabrol with Jacques Charrier Stephane Audran very good early film by Chabrol starting a path where he will become a master.Story about blackmail & infidelity.I like Audran very much I found her extremely attractive,a sultry French woman,a super cook,a cordon bleu.She died 2 years ago, the actor Charrier was married to Bardot then-not for long ,Audran lost her husband Jean Louis Trintignant to the same Bardot in 1956.Restored print . 7.5/10
  10. I got curious 'Jeffrey Hunter as a gladiator.' he was not... he was an architect like George Constanza... Ron Rendell again as a Roman..he is the Roman Lugosi
  11. I have seen many years ago an Italian version of Spartacus with Massimo in the title role,early 50's before Kirk Douglas,he probably got the idea there as Douglas was in Europe around the time it was made... ok I got it 1953 released as Sins of Rome in the UK & USA a shorter version-35 minutes less,titled Spartacus everywhere else.
  12. LES AVENTURES D'ARSENE LUPIN 1957 by JACQUES BECKER with Robert Lamoureux Liselotte Pulver. Very good movie on the famous thief,nice colors,great acting 7.5/10
  13. HELL'S HOUSE 1932 by Howard Higgin Bette Davis Pat O'Brien, early film by Bette Davis not for Warner or Universal,story about young kid going to reform school despite being innocent. 5.5/10
  14. SLAUGHTER ON 10TH AVENUE 1957 by Arnold Laven with Richard Egan, Walter Matthau,Jan Sterling ,Dan Duryea, Julie Adams and a white haired Charles McGraw. Crimes & murder on the NYC waterfront.Very good film ,Dureya is excellent as usual, Adams is wasted. 8/10. From Universal.
  15. LE SOLEIL DES VOYOUS 1967 by Jean Delannoy with Jean Gabin Robert Stack.Bank robbery story,average but Gabin is always good to watch,Stack was fluent in French so he was not dubbed. 6.5/10
  16. Lucky you,2 of my favorites, beautywise,i have no interest in the current leading ladies not a question of age simply they do not 'dégage' as the 'old' leading ladies imo. As for your diner near CC she was filming up north and in Montreal with Lino Ventura in one of his last films,she came to the festival I think 5-6 years later for a movie she was in and directed by her boyfriend the movie got several prizes.I did not try to see her as i sweared to myself not to attend any Italian female movie star since Sophia Loren made or actually planned an appearance in a major big store and it got cancelled because of almost 'riot conditions'...My sister met Robert De Niro during the same filming you mention,she said he was a gentleman and respectful-my sister had incredible looks-and he did not play the usual casanova stuff,they shared a few drinks that's all.I did not had such a luck with a movie star,in the music business I have met rock stars galore,but in my days the 2 biz were not together very much.the closest I can remember is seeing Peter Boyle while I was going out from the Roxy in LA!!! The most striking woman or celebrity I have ever seen was Bianca Jagger in 1976 I was 20 years old,my summer job was working at the Olympics, Jagger showed up with his wife in tow -he had a pass but no tickets- I kept my cool as I knew he was in town the day before via the paper a big sports fan ,the Stones were my favorite band I took my Rolling Stones very seriously travelling to shows etc I took care of him for a whole week,Bianca is from Nicaragua was previously involved with Michael Caine at 19 she was 30 then.Believe me her beauty was incredible !Jagger was a classy guy,lots of fun ,I remember at the end of the 1st day-we had all a ridiculous outfit- he looked and found me to thank me for the seats and he came back everyday ...with a different woman and they were not from Montreal all very nice and well dressed !,He even showed up with Ahmet Ertegun the very important boss at Atlantic, since I knew who he was we had a great conversation..As for Bianca,the marriage then was on a ventilator but he never got a better woman intellectually and physically. About Cartouche I will have to look at it again because Belmondo did a jaw dropping thing in the film he was fighting 2 guys from behind I think ! I have never seen anything like this-you would expect this in a cartoon, anyway,great film,sorry it is a bit long...all the best keep on posting
  17. CARTOUCHE 1962 by Phillipe De Broca with Jean Paul Belmondo Jean Rochefort a breathtaking Claudia Cardinale and an excellent cast.Set in 18th century France, another exciting collaboration with Belmondo & De Broca,excellent snappy dialogie,great sets,great camera work,Belmondo is doing all the stunts...the best action adventure film since.....Robin Hood ! 8.5 /10
  18. As you probably know Yessongs is a triple live compendium by Yes issued in 1973,Starship Trooper was on The Yes Album issued in early 71-recorded in 1970 the Fragile Album was released in the late fall of 1971 or early winter 1972,both are great albums as is the follow up Close to the Edge,i saw Yes several times in the 70's they were always good.
  19. This was the unique time Kansas City was performed by The Beatles in America,never again... they played it in the UK in October-the month after-but I do not remember if it was a concert setting or a tv show, a tape of the concert you attended could be worth good money even in horrible quality !
  20. From the YESSONGS album and video. My favorite version of Starship Trooper. Only the end was included in the concert video. The youtubber created a whole video using other footage from the show and the real ending. Amazing instrumental finale at 6 minutes, aaah..greqt stuff
  21. YES at their peak Yessongs 1973 tour,5 amazing musicians their best line up.
  22. for theGayDivorcée wherever she is....!
  23. great obscure song recorded in 66,relesed in 68 as a b-side of days -I think-was on the 2lp set KINKS Kronikles a fab comp with some rare stuff actually it will be re-released I found out today on record store day in june,this a song that the guitar sound influenced the Ramones and as fan noted it is similar to Woman from Tokyo by Deep Purple issued in 73 ! the Kinks were a fantastic band.
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