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  1. I saw Journey as an instrumental band opening for ELP in Long Beach CA in august 1977,they were interesting... I saw them a year later in Buffalo NY on a 4th of july show. The Rolling Stones were headlining Rich Stadium,Journey were 3rd or 4 fourth on the bill with Steve Perry on vocals. the band of course sounded very different...
  2. a lot of people like Starless and bible black...but not me,i again agree with your choices,i saw the Larks lineup 3 times( opening for Johnny Winter's return in 1973 a bad match to say the least and 2 more times as a headliner,the best lineup of Crimson...the second best album
  3. it depends where you saw ELP in the summer of 72,Wishbone Ash did some dates on the west coast,then they were off in the other areas for 2 weeks,then back for days till august 21 or 20th,Black Oak Arkansas supported ELP on august 15th in Montreal and I was there before that they played several gigs in the South where they were better known,if I remember well BOA were on Atco a division of Atlantic both owned by Warner-they packaged their acts that way,Wishbone Ash were on MCAi suppose they gave them 2 weeks of tour support with ELP.Montreal was the last gig for BOA with ELP they might have been on a few shows on the east coast (prior to Montreal) with the others as a triple bill which was common then.
  4. seen 2 dates of this fantastic line up first in January 73 at a great symphonic hall a fantastic show and 6 months later in july in an arena with The Section opening,Mahavishnu was not for arenas, I saw a different line up in 1975 in the summer with Peter Frampton opening and recording his famous live album then.
  5. 26 minutes including covers....
  6. their best one,it's all downhill after this one music wise,culminating with the 26 minutes Diver Down..
  7. I agree but I preferred the live YESSONGS a great3lp live compendium where the musicianship is fantastic,it was issued right before TALES..
  8. One of them married and divorced John McLaughlin who was in the Mahavishnu Orchestra...
  9. ELP toured America for a month during the summer of 72,i saw them in mid august,opening act was Black Oak Arkansas,a strange bill but BOA was part like ELP of the Atlantic group of labels family.
  10. STATUESQUE is the correct word for Patricia Neal,her beauty was underrated,she caught the roving eye of Gary Cooper rapidly, with Ingrid Bergman, Patricia Neal was one of his best catches
  11. 7 out of 10,did not see Young at Heart,Margie and The Wiz.
  12. On Manpower Dietrich was starting an affair with Raft,Robinson wanted Marlene as well,she was also involved with Jean Gabin there was also a rumour about a woman as well,Dietrich was always 'very busy'.Jealousy was heavy and during filming Walsh had to stop Raft who kept beating Robinson after Raoul Walsh cut the action
  13. MR KLEIN 1976 by Joseph Losey Alain Delon Michel Lonsdale, seen it on the big screen when it came out,watch it last week again,a great film set in occupied Paris1942,Delon is an art dealer buying art from Jewish citizens at low prices,but slowly the table turns on him,good scenes about the VelDiv deportation. 8/10
  14. seen all of 701 -710,i like Naked Jungle saw it many times in my youth as well Eleanor Parker is absolutely stunning in it, a sensual and sexy woman in it her description of the use of a piano to Charlton Heston is very good,Parker looked great in Scaramouche as well
  15. seen them all except Calamity Jane,Black Narcissus & Unforgiven are favorites.
  16. seen them all except MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE and A Song is Born,Broadway Danny Rose my favorite of the lot.
  17. seen them all except for Mr. & Mrs. Bridge for now I have not seen it yet
  18. he did about 12 tv movies-not exact- enough for a special day.there is 2 or 3 I have not seen.
  19. I hopeTCM will show the Walls of Jericho.I would suggest they do a day of Kirk Douglas on TV i.e. his tv movies ,they can show 9 or 10 films,these tv films are getting scarce.Rights must not be expensiveThey could be shown on his next birthday,as a tribute,whatever...
  20. I have seen them all,saw Seconds on the bottom of a double bill,a great film,seen it many times since.
  21. She was always stunning,at her best,nobody else had the same effect...
  22. seen them all except The Muppets,Lady & the Tramp and Ride out for Revenge.
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