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  1. i have seen them all except Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid i'am a Bill Powell completist I do not remember TCM showing it- yesterday's list.
  2. It feels strange,almost eerie,tuesday I was thinking of him and of Olivia De Havilland,wondering who will live longer and bang1 got my answer today....like you Larry, he was one of my first movie fave,myuncle brought me to Spartacus and The Vikings,circa 1963,on separate viewings at the neighborhood 8th reissue theatre,i still watch these movies whenever they play,my uncle had great taste I also saw 7th Voyage of Sinbad there. I have read several of his books Ragman's Son is a great one-know it by heart,i have seen all his films except 2 tv films and I asked TCM to show Walls of Jericho from 1948(Fox),the REAL end of an era, R.I.P. Issur
  3. Paulette Goddard was a natural blonde,she dyed her hair to have a different look.She had a double mastectomy in 1975,a very heavy surgery then,she went into depression most of the time till the end of her life,only seen by her therapist and her nurse,her driver and her maid.She survived her breast cancer but her emphyseme killed her.A sad ending.
  4. LE BRUIT DES GLACONS by Bertrand Blier aka The Clink of ice.2010.Jean Dujardin,Anne Alvaro-she won Cesar for best supporting actress for her role.Very good original comedy.An alcoholic & separated writer get his life upside down when a man knock on his door,telling him he is his cancer.
  5. L' ATTENTAT by Yves Boisset 1972.Excellent political thriller with stellar cast:J.L.Trintignant,Jean Seberg,Michel Piccoli,Philippe Noiret,RoyScheider,Nigel Davenport,etc. 8/10
  6. Ziva Postec. The Editor Behind the Film Shoah 2018 She worked with JP Melville,Orson Welles among orthers,she worked close to 6 years on Shoah,this is her journey.Canadian film in French st are available I guess ,I listed the English title.Excellent.
  7. i watched it about a week ago, Frontline is always good
  8. I personally think the Essentials should be put to a well deserved rest for several years.The last season is one too many for me.TCM should add more documentaries related to classic stars and subjects. A Saturday night with a scholar who can talk about movies like Jeanine Basinger per example to present a documentary would be excellent.As an example I watched a fantastic documentary on the 1932 trip to Bali by Charlie Chaplin and his brother Sydney on French tv,I' am sure an English version is or would be available or what about the 90 minutes documentary on the famous Chasen restaurant in Hollywood it opened in 1936.I just watched an 8 hour/8 episode documentary-2019- on French producers ok it is not for everybody- TCM imports will come to the rescue.But there many documentaries available,it would not hurt TCM to reruns docs on Zanuck,Goldwyn etc at the same time it would do something similar to the essentials but it could be interesting to everybody imo.
  9. Totally agree with you,i have seen 34 films by Sidney Lumet-missing some-including Prince of the City one the 2 or3 movies I ever walk out! all I remember is it was very boring on the big screen,i will have to see it again to be fair-as I am sure it is good.I watched The Group last week the length worried me bit but it went very well,i 'discovered'Joan Hackett in the movie,her part should have been improved she was a beautiful woman and a talented actress,i was surprised she died at only 49...I think Hibi did not care about the Hartman part I feel the same also I almost fast forwarded it!
  10. i heard it should be titled Divorce Story...
  11. I saw at their peak TRex on their Slider Tour their first headlining one on sept 8 1972! Montreal was the kick off date and the hall was the Pierrefonds Arena-nobody ever held a concert there,the promoter the big one here chose a place nobody knew! A small arena with atrocious sound!The support act for the tour was the then unknown Doobie Bros inducted this year also! This was the unique show ever held there and the only time T.Rex played here.The Tour lasted 2 months it was their last as headliners in America.TRex was big everywhere,Touring Japan,Australlia etc,Marc Bolan is a star forever in Japan like Deep Purple.American success is important but should not be a criteria to be inducted otherwise 3 Dog Night is a must...
  12. A great set was done in Canada in 2006 or 2008 or both,Canadians in Hollywood with Fay Wray,Ray Burr,Marie Dressler,Norma Shearer etc,i cannot insert many images though.
  13. AU BONHEUR DES DAMES 1943 AKA SHOP GIRLS OFPARIS by André Cayatte based on the book by Emile Zola. Michel Simon,Suzy Prim and with Jean Tissier giving a great supporting performance,Simon as usual is great.Set in late 19th century Paris the battle of a small store owner against a bigger one developing into a huge one,similar to Harrods-well the store look like it,but it was another name like Bon Marché.Anyway a very good film with a story line not unfamiliar since the last century.8/10
  14. I'am exactly like you. David Bowie was smoking 4 packs of Gitanes a day-they are strong French cigs- till his early to mid fifties,i could not believe it but it was very true
  15. UN MILLIARD DANS UN BILLARD 1965 by Nicolas Gessner aka Diamonds are brittle Jean Seberg Elsa Martinelli Claude Rich.Average romantic comedy mixed with a major robbery.Main feature of the film is the stunning beauty of Jean Seberg -she does all her lines in French-Martinelli was dubbed. 6.5/10 for the film 9 for Jean Seberg's beauty.
  16. THE MAN IN THE SKY aka DECISION AGAINST TIME 1957 by Charles Crichton Jack Hawkins ,good cast,small role for Donald Pleasence.Hawkins is a test pilot whose experiment with a new plane is decisive in maintaining a plant & the jobs in his small England city.I do not know if this film was ever shown on TCM.7/10
  17. L'ETOILE DU NORD 1982 by Pierre Granier Deferre with Philippe Noiret,Simone Signoret,Fanny Cottencon.Set in 1934 Belgium,starting in Egypt,a troubled murderer goes into a rooming house.Very good acting,nice period sets. 7.5/10
  18. UNE AFFAIRE D'HOMMES 1981 by Nicolas Ribowski with Claude Brasseur,Jean Louis Trintignant. Original crime story.Cop investigate serial killer.7.5/10
  19. RIDICULE 1996 by Patrice Leconte Very good comedy set in 1790's in France about the usage of wit in the King's Court. With Fanny Ardant,Jean Rochefort,Berbard Giraudeau. 8/10
  20. I knew about this since the mid 70's through the Kenneth Anger gossip book Hollywood Babylon.Last year I made a research on the whole thing again,the bit player the husband of Mary Astor Dr Franklin Thorpe was involved,her name is Norma Taylor I stunned to discover she was still alive in 2018...and still alive NOW!!!! She will be 110 on the 19th of January! IMDB is usually reliable on this... if true I do not know if she could have been of any help for the doc or her family....As for Mary Astor Sam Goldwyn saved her career, I always liked him,him and Zanuck were the best,she made her best performances in 1941 as stated in the Maltese Falcon and her best ****y performance in The Great Lie.Dodsworth from 1936 was a fantastic film,the best of the 30's as a mature film,with a fantastic cast,Chatterton at 45 or so looked fantastic in her tight fitting dresses
  21. Hi Larry,he did another one later with all detailed it was a long post pretty sure around 2010 maybe 2008 I think it had resolved or something in that vein in it,you are fast and excellent,Larry you remind me of Fred who was like you a main asset to this site,regards.
  22. LE TEMPS DES NABABS 2019 416 MINUTES 8 PART TV SERIES BY FRENCH TV Amazing documentary on French cinema from the late 30's to mid 70's.Nabab is the equivalent in French slang France-only-not in Quebec!-for movie moguls.It is only with producers how they got the $ for financing,hired directors,you see many official contracts with details you do not see anywhere,super interesting I do not know if subtitles will be available but a fabulous series.10/10
  23. the best big sleep resolved thread was started by the late great fred c dobbs,i tried to find the thread 2 months ago but I lost patience,i know I got it about 2years ago but did not save it,this is the definitive one.i will try again un the next few days.
  24. Hello it was showed on TFO,Ontario French tv channel,for French speaking Ontarians,if you are in Canada get it,it is worth it,2 or 3 uncut movies every night from anywhere in the world.I saw passage du Rhin about 2 months ago,but you were on your 2019 recap so I did not add it on until now.There was no subtitles if I recall,,they do not show subtitles for french movies at this channel so I guess they got an original french remastered one.Kids stuff all day and good movies all night...
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