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  1. Az ember tragédiája (The Tragedy of Man)   

    The animated historical-drama animated film from 2011 made by the ever so talented Marcell Jankovics is an underrated treasure which I wish most people watched or knew about more. Based on the play/book of the same name, The characters Adam, Eve and Lucifer explore humanity and the meaning of life through visiting  several different eras in history, starting from the creation of the world to the end of time. Each segment has a different visual style to reflect the art of the respective time periods (e.g Egypt having hieroglyphic style). The shear brilliance and philosophy of the film will surely make someone actually think about life more. Besides the philosophy and brilliance of the film, the animation is beautiful in most of the first half, however, it gets choppy during the second half of the film. Other than that, I recommend this amazing film.




  2. Gummo, Cat Soup (2001), and The Annunciation (1984). 

    The Annunciation is probably the weirdest of all 3 for obvious reasons if you’ve watched it. There were some other films I’ve seen that were pretty strange and bizarre but I forgot the names of them.

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