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  1. Sadly, wrong aspect showings of TCM's library of films is an ongoing issue with many films made available via WatchTCM. I rarely have time to sit down to watch a film as it shows live on TCM such that much of my viewing is via WatchTCM on my computer mirrored to my TV.  I can only assume the broadcast versions are also in the wrong aspect ratio, tho other subscribers might know differently.  Sadly, many of the 1930s, 40s and 50s B-movies and some A-movies are being streamed in the wrong - albeit only slightly yet still annoyingly noticeable - aspect ratio.  As an example, Bad Boy (1949) is a 1.37:1 film aspect, but the WatchTCM version is streaming at roughly 1.33:1. It's a small difference but has an marked impact on the actors features; James Gleason is ridiculously thinned in face and Lloyd Nolan ends up looking baby-faced rather than tough. Perhaps I'm in a minority, but the wrong aspect significantly reduces my enjoyment of a film and can be headache inducing.

    I've contacted TCM Help Desk via the website to point this out on a number of films the last month.  No progress.  Perhaps others might do the same to increase the pressure to ensure the films are shown in the correct aspect??

  2. Like others, I'm completely flabbergasted that TCM failed to make a TCM Remembers tribute, not even mentioning her passing on the website.  To show her movies, including her Academy Award-winning performance in The Last Picture Show, but not issue a tribute seems somehow rather callous. Sadly, today's TCM is not the TCM of old. 

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  3. I noticed the same thing. I missed the first few minutes of the beginning, but was confused as to what was happening, so I waited and opened up WatchTCM to re-watch from the beginning.  I was vexed to see that the episode was Chapter 11-Thundering Herd rather than Chapter 10-The Circle of Doom.  TCM is dropping the ball more and more often.

    I, like the rest of us, pay for TCM service and expect to be served to the best of their ability. Lately, there has been a marked decline in the quality of service; it's like a bunch of morons are making decisions and the daily ops are getting really sloppy, both with scheduling mistakes and not checking content loaded to WatchTCM - not to mention the debacles that are the new TCM DB and TCM Schedules...oops, mentioned it :-).  I sent a complaint via the Contact Us page. Let's see if they will rectify the mistake via WatchTCM.

    TCM_Wrong Chapter to Wild West Days Uploaded (12-05-2020).tiff

  4. 10 hours ago, MovieCollectorOH said:

    Here.  October through December.  And then January in due time.


    P.S. and if you don't like that, here are older saved copies of Nov and Dec.  But they are already or will someday be obsolete:



    I (and I imagine at least a few additional users) thank you for your sharing of the elixir of viewing life :-)

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  5. 12 hours ago, speedracer5 said:

    Films not ending up on Watch TCM could be due to a rights issue rather than TCM wanting people to purchase a DVD/Blu Ray.

    Absolutely agree.  But if you or I were paying for broadcast rights that did not include a 7-day streaming period; would either of us choose to air that film in a 2 - 6 am timeslot on a weekday, or even a weekend? The TCM library represents sunk cost; non-library films represent variable costs where I'd do my best to maximize viewership, which means yielding up a coveted time slot, particularly if the film will only air once over the coming 12 months. Then again, my bean-counter instincts are clearly not the greatest given that I probably couldn't find a way to pay less than 750 USD in Federal Taxes even if my income was only 750 USD! Happy viewing!

  6. On 10/1/2020 at 4:06 PM, skipd55 said:

    No, you don't need to be psychic. You just need to be one of the lucky ones to have seen the December schedule before it was pulled. It was up for less than a week.

    hmm...if you have the November and December schedule,s would it be asking too much to attach them here (or better yet, create a new thread and attachment them) so that the out-of-luck users can become in-luck users?

  7. On 10/5/2020 at 1:48 PM, LornaHansonForbes said:

    this has brought back a memory though- you guys remember 10-15 years ago, before DIGITAL TV and DVR blew up and everyone got their own way of watching and we all had the same cable and the same schedule, how TCM would RELIGIOUSLY only show REALLY COOL, INTERESTING, RARE FILMS AND PREMIERES at, like 2:00 am?


    Umm...you mean remember back to yesterday?  How often has Hamlet been on at 2am,  6:30am, etc. or these wonderful films directed by women that are being showcased Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings. It really should be a TCM priority for any film that hasn't shown before, hasn't shown in the last year, or is a rarity/oddity/one-time event aired outside Primetime to be made available on WatchTCM. I watched the latest installment of Women Make Film last night and the Hosted Intros guest Kirsten Johnson's film Cameraperson (2016) WASN'T made available on WatchTCM. I checked this morning and was incredulous. But perhaps it's part of a "marketing" push to get ppl to buy the film. Personally, I don't get the impression that many of the folks running the network, nor the day-to-day programming and web/app folks give a darn about TCM subscribers; a monopoly power rarely does.

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  8. Another Daily Schedule loss with the new format (and never previously available on Weekly or Monthly Schedules) is the indicator/link to the movies that are available via WatchTCM.  It seems that the folks that run TCM haven't figured out that cord-cutters (and users of Netflix, A-Prime, Hulu, etc.) are increasingly looking for flexible viewing options that do not require setting up a DVR to catch a show one can't catch during broadcast. Often, TCM is showing the movies I want to catch in late night/early morning time-slots, while weekends are constant repeats of popular movies I've seen countless times.  I previously gave feedback to TCM that they should indicate which upcoming films will be available on WatchTCM streaming via the Weekly and (preferably) Monthly Schedules so that subscribers can more flexibly decide which live broadcasts to catch and which can be viewed on our own schedules via WatchTCM.

    As a second point, by posting which movies are to be available, it keeps TCM's WatchTCM staff on their toes; I have previously had to request they make several titles available that were promoted as being on WatchTCM at the end of movie's broadcast but failed to show up on the WatchTCM page.  I certainly understand the streaming licensing issue for many of the film shown, buy shouldn't TCM be trying to better leverage both their owned content and licensed broadcast content to increase viewership?

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  9. As a way of communicating more directly to TCM management our overall like/dislike of the changes:

    • If you LIKE the NEW Schedules/TCMDB Layouts, then  "HEART" this Post.  
    • If you like the OLD Schedules/TCMDB Layouts, then "SAD" this post.  

    NOTE: Since I can't vote on my own post, add +1 to the SAD count.

    Please only "HEART" or "SAD" this post.  Also, as advised, it would be helpful to add a comment of "VOTED" to keep this thread active and likely to be seen by other users to get their vote.



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  10. Wow, the revised Daily and Monthly Schedules are supposed to be an improvement?  TCM,you've somehow taken pages that were sublime in their ease of use, density of info presented, clarity of layout and links for reading/searching for info and printability/save-ability (I save PDF versions of each since the monthly schedule didn't include the header for the daily scheduling theme (ie. 30 Years of ADA) and changed them such that not one of those attributes remain. I know the world is driven by the incessant need for change, but in what world does a company change so much that works by replacing it with so little that does?? Horrible job. The design looks like something a new designer without experience would put together, too spread out, silly fonts, etc. I could go on and on. In my company, whomever approved this re-design would be looking for a new job.

    Sadly, even worse is the redesign of the TCMDB pages.  Those, while not perfect before, have now become nearly unreadable.  Again, horrible layouts with so much wasted space, poor info density, etc. Only an idiot would find the new layouts more "user friendly".  Someone somewhere at TCM decided they needed to make a mark for themselves and started/approved these changes. I'd love to see the justification/brief given because I'm pretty certain, these changes don't fulfill those requested by users of the TCM website/app.

    Rarely would I be so openly hostile and negative, but TCM Management, you've really mucked it up badly this time, very very badly.

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