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  1. Shoot the Moon - 1982 It is a MGM film. It is not available on DVD or Video.
  2. Just return things to the state before the programmers messed everything up on schedules that shouldn't be too hard. Someone made a stupid mistake, now you compound it by not eliminating the change. "We're about half way there - we will likely test and deploy these at the end of February. " It is the end of February!
  3. They had a perfect printable schedule, they screwed it up so the web site stinks to high heaven. They have had two full months to return us to a worthwhile site. They seem to have no plans to do that! where is Tcmprogrammer? Did it take them 2 months to screw it up? Give us a poll on what we think of new site.
  4. In my mid 60s, I have enjoyed the cartoons/anime. It was well done, unlike the trash, I have seen going under the anime name. I see no problem with the choices they have made in movies so far. If they would only fix the schedule changes they made.
  5. What changes are being planned so we get a schedule like the one we had and found usable. Unlike the changes made. Changes should be made to improve, could you list an improvement made?
  6. They broke it, and don't know how to fix it, it seems
  7. Understand please, I can't click a description on a description in my printed schedule! Keep your wimpy changes to the site. Give us our schedule in the same printout as before, PLEASE! Give us: times zones, 3 month capability, Let us control size of printed font, full old descriptions. Nothing was wrong with old schedule, nothing is right with new one. I printed January under the old format 22 pages, new one 49 pages. Is that an improvement? Take a poll on your new schedule and site. Find out what the public thinks. You can put a poll up overnight. Then show the results to someone who mig
  8. I don't see where they have made any changes. They should throw out the ones they made in the first place! They destroyed the ability that was in place to get a usable monthly printout. I an afraid they will try to keep their botched up new edition rather than returning us to the best thing they had on the site - a usable printout capability of a monthly schedule!
  9. Please return time zones and old schedule printout capability, new one stinks!!
  10. A BIG mistake was made on printed schedule and the daily on site schedule. Why would you think the only two time zones are eastern and pacific?? Why should you cut Descriptions? Why did you force big fonts on us, more than doubling printout size? You had a great site that was useful and you killed it. Please change back. listen to your public!!
  11. Big Mistake with format change. Please don't let this go another week. Format, prinout stinks. Return to old format, for few pages, time zones, better descriptions. You killed a great service!
  12. A big mistake was made!!!! Give us old format. Where the size font in IE determined size in printout. Better format, And we could determine time zone! Please listen to our plea.
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